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MNF Tenn @ Dallas game thread (1 Viewer)

Dak's fine. I've liked him since day one and watch him pretty often, if not every week. 

Guy lost his best WR, HOF TE, and then 2nd best WR. 

He also is used to dropping back to pass, ordering a pizza, paying the deliveryman, and then throwing it. Their awesome line has suffered some turnover and now he has to play like a normal QB. 

That's a lot of change for a young guy.

Jones was too quick with Dez. You need a progression from the old to the new, at least one year overlapping.

The Jags (for years, if not now) have had their WRs run short routes til ya fall asleep and then take off deep. Why can't Garrett use Hurns like that? 

With Hurns and Thompson, Dak's gotta have some blind faith. That part of his game could mature. The new guys are not always going to be wide open, throw it where they'll win the battle like ya did with the others. One of his best skills as a rookie was placing the ball. Witten and Dez were new to him then.

I don't think Gallup is special. The announcers thought he's starting to show, so maybe but he's been real ordinary IMO. 

It seems like Mariota is on his 500th OC in 2 years, it's been brutal watching him learn new systems. If adding a WR, Swaim getting healthy, and adding a couple linemen will make Garrett's O fine again, then I think ya gotta stay pat. It could be Dak has been through enough change this year that ya don't wanna mix things up on him next year, again.

I’ll tell you one thing:

I am NOT voting for Rudy Salas for the 32nd Assembly District (CA).  Did you know he’s taken extravagant vacations and voted to raise gas prices while valley families struggled?
My daughters told me not to vote for either candidate here locally because they are sick on the ads interrupting their YouTube video watching. 


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