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Momo challenge (1 Viewer)


Anybody hearing about this Momo thing?  Sort of creepy.

Here is how the Momo cyber-bullying works: Kids are encouraged to send a message to a number on WhatsApp. Due to a combination of curiosity and peer pressure, kids send a message, then receive a message from “Momo” in return.

Along with the horrifying wide-mouthed, bug-eyed picture of Momo, they also start to get violent images and a series of increasingly dangerous dares from the anonymous bully. Children are told that they if they do not perform these tasks, they will be cursed or visited by Momo herself.

Eventually, these threats ratchet up to the kids being encouraged to commit suicide. Tragically, police in Buenos Aires say that a 12-year-old girl’s recent suicide seems to be linked to her recent online activity, specifically her participation in the WhatsApp “Momo” challenge.



What is it with the kids and 'challenges?" I am constantly talking to my daughter about these and finding out what the latest is...so damn stupid. 



I'm thinking I'm going to have to develop an App like this.  Mine will be something like the KRYPTONITE challenge as all these things appear to be my son's kryptonite.  My App will challenge teenagers with a set of complex challenges they will never be able to finish.  I'll start off with the "clean your effing room challenge" followed by the "don't piss on the bathroom floor challenge" then the "pick up your dirty clothes challenge" then "do your homework w/out me telling you 600 times challenge" then "stop eating in your room and leaving food and dishes everywhere challenge."  I have more challenges in mind. . . so is this how it works?  All you have to do is call something a "challenge" and your kids will do it? 

/disclaimer - I'm joking, our son is pretty great, he is kind of a slob but I was too at his age, just trying to lighten it up a bit. /  

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