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***Monday Night Football Doubleheader - Browns at Steelers*** (+2, 38) 8:15 Kickoff (1 Viewer)

I thought the Steelers would give The Niners a better game,but they didn't.
I didn't know what to think of The Browns,they looked better than I thought last week,but now I wonder how much of that was The Bengals reverting to The Bungles after yesterday.
Division games are always tough. Tough to pick against The Steelers at home in Prime Time. Cooper may be out or hobbled.
I'll look for a bounce back here but it's a very tepid opinion...

Team Playing at What Used to be Heinz Field- 23
Keebler Elves- 20
A 2 pt home dog Tomlin coached team is likely to grind out a win but the Browns might be a very dangerous team this year. Might come down to last possession.
i expect it to be a close game and i expect the Browns to win.

it's an odd feeling after years of complete ineptitude by the Browns.

if the Browns defense can get rolling early, it could be a long night for Pickett.
Both defenses have great edge rushers. I think it will come down to which offense can survive. I give the edge to CLE due to Chubb and Watson being able to move fluidly in any rush situation. After watching Pickett and Harris play, I don't see them on the same level as Watson and Chubb. But definitely a defensive game. Whichever defense can establish dominance early and often will win this one.
No real dog in this fight other than to see how Elijah Moore does as a primary weapon for the Browns passing game
I believe the STeelers will look a little better than they did vs SF
But the Browns defense is also pretty good

Pittsburgh 20
Cleveland 17
I expect an AFC North battle. Which means it's either a blow out or comes down to the last play. There's no in between.
Some prop bets worth a look IMHO.
Deshaun Watson rushing yards 26.5 (OVER -115 under -115)
- I like the over
Nick Chubb over 13.5 receiving yards (-113)
- I like the over
Nick Chubb over 2.5 receptions (+140)
- I like the over
Kenny Pickett interceptions 0.5 (over -110/under -110)
- I like the over
George Pickens longest reception 19.5 (over -125/under 105)
- I like the over
George Pickens receiving yards 43.5 (over -120/under -110)
- I like the over
I can't see Pittsburgh losing an emotional rivalry home game after being embarrassed last week. That being said this probably will be a one score game for awhile until the 4th.

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