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***Monday Night Football Doubleheader - Saints at Panthers*** (+3, 39.5) 7:15 Kickoff (1 Viewer)

There wasn't a "Miscommunication" Fowler!
-The Pantehrs got pressure off the Edge, that's why the Saints failed, it was not a miscommunication on the pass

What a TOOL!
Why do the Saints keep trying to make Taysom "Fetch" Hill happen? Seems like they're intentionally trying to prevent Carr from getting into a rhythm.
They are force feeding Thomas tonight. Making a concerted effort to have him involved. 8 targets. 3 receptions.
At some point in their existence,the Panthers will figure out the importance of an o-line......25 years and counting.
Saints defense might have to win this game by themselves. Carr seems disinterested. What was that throw?

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