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***Monday Night Football Doubleheader - Saints at Panthers*** (+3, 39.5) 7:15 Kickoff (1 Viewer)

Man is this kid overmatched.

I'm going to go ahead and say it. I'd rather have Zach Wilson, and that's saying something. I watched Bryce Young play the full game against LSU last year. Not impressed. Watched last week against Atlanta. Terrible. Not impressed. Watched him tonight. Totally not impressed.

Give me the guy with a little arm strength.
I’m not blaming Carr for anything tonight. Too many jailbreaks up front. Three first rounders and a second rounder on the Saints’ O-line — you’d never know it.
Luvu is who I was worried about since he came out of nowhere & went to a new team. Turns out he’s legi

Luvu played for the Panthers last season. What you might be trying to say is that it's a new coach who implemented an entirely new system. He's now a little bit more sack-dependent than he was. Watch for that.
Excuse me, yes - that’s exactly what I meant. New scheme.

Thought the defenders leg/foot touched him.

That's what the man would have you think.

Me, I'm not a part of your system.

Sorry, Andy Samberg there.

Yeah, maybe. I thought live that he touched him -- maybe. But then I watched it again and I don't think so. The other Carolina guy was trying to pick up the ball before it went out of bounds. I could be wrong.
They didn't show anything definite so it could have gone either way. Certainly wish he would have gotten up and run instead of acting like a knucklehead. Need the points
The NFL is quickly learning the running QB is not something that works well for a long time.

If you can’t stand in the pocket and make plays you are not lasting in this league.
This is a terrible Carolina offense. I've been saying that since the Jets started their second string against the Carolina firsts and they dominated Carolina. That was trouble. They looked like this.
I gotta say I kinda hate onside kicks. They never work.

They need to do like a battle of the network stars series of competitions to determine who gets the ball.

Tug o war, egg relay, etc
I gotta say I kinda hate onside kicks. They never work.

They made the rules so they wouldn't work. I have no idea why they did. Safety? If you're concerned with safety, maybe discuss the diving at people's knees first. No running start on the onside kick anymore, and players must be five apiece on each side of the kicker.

It's a recipe for failure.

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