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*MONDAY NIGHT MIRACLE*....week 11 edition......What do you need? (1 Viewer)


 You know the routine.  Every Monday night many of us sweat the last game of the week, and often we win or lose entire weeks in the last game.

3 of 4 of my matchups are basically over.....although I have one that I will watch, even though its unlikely I lose.

Tomorrow night I have CHRIS GODWIN + a 26.44 lead.    My opponent has ROB GRONKOWSKI.

So barring anything unforeseen , I should* be safe there, to win 3 of 4 re-drafts this week.

 What all do you guys need tonight to pull off your own  *MONDAY NIGHT MIRACLE*?     :football:    


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Need Succop to score more than 3 points.  We don't score partial kicker points, so I need at least a 40 yarder, or a combo of any FG under 40 and an EP, or 4 EP's

Need Barkley and LB Devin White to combine for 40 points....I faced J.Taylor/Cam and E.Moore this week.....

Up by 12 in PPR league. Opponent has Brady going. I have Barkley. Figure I need at least 2 TDs from Barkley

Need 17 from Brady, Golladay and Succop.   My opponent is done.

Should be an easy win but nothing has been easy for my team this year

I am close to the cut line in the contest here and need Brady to score me enough for me to stay above the cut line.

One league I need Fournette to not pull an even better game than Ekeler/J Taylor (up 50 pts). 

Other league I need Succop to not miss 5 FG's (up 5 pts and my opponent doesn't have anyone else). 

Not looking good thanks to Mahomes, Zeke, and Pittman  - need Toney and Succop to score 3 more points than Fournette and Godwin - probably not going to happen.

23 from Gronk in PPR.

Have Brate if Gronk doesn't go, but Brate has no chance of approaching 23 points.

Before last night's game, I wouldn't have posted in here at all. I was up 10, with a fill-in QB and fill-in K ready to roll, despite facing Jefferson's ridiculous 41.6

Even 4 mins before the end of last night's game, I had a great shot at a W, facing only a 38 point deficit. 

Then Herbert threw a 56 yard TD and now I need a miracle. I'm down 54.2, and need Daniel Jones & Ryan Succup to combine for whatever it takes to get me there. Certainly not impossible, but not real likely either. At least I was smart enough to drop Wentz for Jones & swap the TEN K for Succup, which is the only reason I haven't already lost. 

So yeah, maybe 4x 50+ FG from Succup or 5x 40+ FG, and 320/3/0 with 30 RuYd from Danny 10-pennies? That'd be swell. 



League 1: Godwin <= 24.5, 0.5 PPR. MFL has me at 91% to win

League 2: Fournette + Golladay <= 18, non-PPR.  MFL has me at 27% to win

In 0.5 PPR, a combined 45 points from Fournette/Saquon. Theoretically possible but highly unlikely.

In full PPR, I need Godwin within six points of Brady (ie, I'm currently leading by 6). Projections have me winning by 1.5


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