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Monday night needs! - week 1 (1 Viewer)

3 leagues 3 different scenarios

I need Stafford to outgain Amari by 10.2

I need Marvin Jones to get less than .75 points

I need Goff to outscore Gurley by 10.96

Big game from Detroit D tonight because I'm an idiot and left Boswell as my kicker yesterday in the rain.

I have both Cooks and Woods on the Rams. Woods was my WR3 coming into the season. Picked up Conners and traded him for Cooks, now Cooks is my WR3. This is very very unrealistic, but had I started Conners over Dalvin Cook or Jordan Howard, my two RB's, I wouldn't care about MNF. Now, I need Cooks to score 18 to win and need Woods to lay the egg or at least score less than 15 to feel good about my offseason activities.


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