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Monday Night Needs (1 Viewer)


Discuss Your needs tonight. Personally, I'm down by 12.8 pts and I have Ertz going tonight. PPR league so I like my chances. Would be a huge win for me without Gordon injured and Michel a non-factor. Would be nice if I could get those points fast so I can go to bed early, I'm really tired....long day today.

Good luck everyone.

I need Wentz to have a horrible night to move on to rd 2 of one of my playoffs

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None for my teams as I’ve won in one to secure a playoff spot.

Already secure in the other but need Peterson, Adams, and Ertz to not be outscored more than 6 by Wentz and Ill get a bye as the #2 seed

Need 45 pts from Wentz and Adams to advance to the next round of a two conference ppr dynasty league.

Need Ertz to score less than 22 in a .5 PPR league. Win would mean $50 for winning this round of the playoffs with a chance for $500 more


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