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Monday night TE woes (1 Viewer)


So I lost Gronk for the weekend, and my backup Ebron is on bye.  Hoping Gronk would get the nod (foolishly), I'm now in a bind as I now must stream a TE from tonight's ####-show of a game (for TE's anyway).  I'm not going to bother putting up my roster as it's irrelevant, but its a .5 PPR league.  Down about 40 points with my opponent done, I still have ZEK and DAL Def to go with some TE.  I feel like game script will favor the Titans passing game, but wow do the Titans suck at that this year.  My question to you fine fantasy gurus is:

Who would you stream tonight between (DAL) Blake Jarwin, Dalton Shultz, Rico Gathers, or (TEN) Luke Stocker, Jonnu Smith? 

Will happily comment on any of your questions for any advice.


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