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Monday Night Thread: Cowboys vs. the Giants (1 Viewer)


No thread yet, so I'd get the early jump. No Giant figure has been as beloved as Parcells in the last 30 years(including LT and Simms), and while stung by moves to the Pats and Jets, this rivarly becomes a blood feud tonight when Parcells leads the Pokes into Giants Stadium. If anyone can inherit the golden boy crown, it stands to be Shockey. Of course, 130 yards and 2 TD's backing up his mouth would go a long way in that direction.Watch out, it's probably too late on the action, but I live about 8 miles west of Giants Stadium and we've got a little preview of Isabelle with some fierce weather brewing. HEAVY rain and stiff winds. Could be a good idea to get the under bet in.

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Haven't heard anything but from TV does not seem to be raining (yet)! What are the up to the minute weather conditions?

I'm like 20 miles west and it has been POURING for an hour. Somehow it looks almost dry at the stadium. THey aren't getting it as badIts gotta be on the soft, slow side though. Advantage Giants...especially on the O-Line.As long as Toomer gets his threee TD's I'll be fine. :eek:

How in the world did Collins miss Toomer on that post route? Roy Williams was closing on him, but he was still 10 yards behind Toomer when the ball sailed over his head.

Giants line looks fairly disorganized so far...Couple of good pressures by the Cowboys forcing the punt

Dallas:Hambrick to the right for -2 with nowhere to runHambrick to the left for -3 stopped by three giants in the backfieldFalse start on #76Carter throws it away way out of bounds while not under much pressure on 3 and 20

Giants:Barber up the middle, tripped at the line of scrimmage, gain of 4Collins play action, hit from behind, fumbles...NYG lineman recoversDumpoff to Barber, corralled by 2 Cowboys after a couple yards

Neither of these lines are doing much.Looks like the Giants have no inclination to run the ball with the rookie linemen

slider...stay away from Bound Brookif Isabelle shows up its back under water for themI'm just on the edge...four inches in four hoursbut I had to drive home with it from Phillywhere consequentially (sp. and off topic) they are roasting poor Mcnabb and the new stadium on AM radio_One particularily funny line "Would the guy who threw the beer at the bench please come back tomorrow for practice. We may want to sign you."

Brown holds the ball above his head from the 10 on in a la Leon Lett. Too bad Galloway doesnt run a 2.1 40 or he could have gotten to him!

Dallas has 3 wideouts in on every play.Nice catch by Glenn for a first down followed by a Hambrick run for a first.

3 good runs in a row 2 by Hambrick, one by Anderson up the middle down into the red zoneStarting to rain a little bit

Hambrick gets stuffedCarter breaks a couple tackles and scores on a broken play up the middle after a missed block by Cason

Barber runs right into a Dallas lineman for no gainincomplete to HilliardVERY nice catch in between a couple Dallas defenders over the middle by HilliardBarber fumbles after hitting a big hole. Dallas recovers in Giants territory. 98 got his big hand RIGHT on the ball

Giants offense just isn't moving the ball consistently. Meanwhile, another good run around the left end by Hambrick and a low catch by Glenn

Incomplete to Anderson in the front right corner of the end zone.Short jumps offsides and a tipped ball out in the left flat to Andersonend of the 1st Q

Carter overthrows the TE on a rollout to the right.Dumps off a screen to Cason who gets tackled by Dhani Jones who's lying on his back at the time.FG is goodBarber's fumble only costs them 3...

Madden says: the offensive line isnt playing too bad for having 3 rookies in thereABC shows: 2 straight Collins sacks

The ONLY thing that could have cost me my game in my biggest money league... a Giants INT for a TD.2nd highest scoring team in the league after 2 weeks. What do I have to show for it? An 0-2 record.

Quick slant to Toomer broken up (Cowboys on a heavy blitz)Barber breaks a couple tackles running up the middleCollins under heavy pressure again gets it to Hilliard for a first down after a nice spotBarber sweep right for a couple (not much room to run for Barber after breaking through the line)draw to Barber for a couple before run OBShockey drops a 20 yard post after being drilled by a Cowboy safety

Dallas is puruing the run very well, tackling hard and not giving up much second effort to Barber or a WR.

Missed tackle on a screen to Anderson in the right flat for a 6 yard gain..Thats several throws to Anderson and only 1 to Gall and 2 to Glenn

Just as I say something about the WRs, Nice long out pass to Galloway who just gets the second foot in bounds for 21.Anderson with another carry up th middle for 4.Holding on Flozell AdamsYet another screen to Anderson breaking a couple tackles for 5

On 3rd and 10, they run a 1 man pattern that isnt open so Carter takes off into a sea of Blue up the middle.49 yard FG right down the middle.13-7

two lousy passes by Collins followed by a TERRIBLE throw to Toomer that should have been a TD. Instead, Toomer turns over the other shoulder and hauls in a diving 30 yarder


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