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MONDAY NIGHT.....WEEK 3...... WHAT DO YOU NEED?! (1 Viewer)


Didn't see one of these posted yet, so lets hear what you need on your Monday night games.

 In 4 redrafts, I have locked up a winner in 2/4.

 I know I have 2 wins essentially finished, but there are 2 others and , 1 in specific thats going to be down to the wire.

 LEAGUE A -  Standard scoring, I am finished in the clubhouse, with a 39.04 lead, my opponent has JALEN HURTS.

A loss could happen, but I'm not overly concerned.

LEAGUE B - is a sweat shop this week. Standard scoring..... I have (66.02 points) + MILES SANDERS   vs   (66.04 points) + GREG ZUERLEIN.  It is noteworthy, in this league 40-49 yd FGs are 4 points, and 50 + are 5 points.

This one will probably come down to the very end......... I need a win there also, I'm 0-2.    :wall:

What ya need tonight everyone.....?     :football:


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13 points from one of Sanders, Gainwell or Pollard (whichever one I start, presumably Sanders)

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Up be 18, have Elliott but going against Prescott, need Zeke to be just good enough. 



Clinched Ws in three

Fourth I am up by 22.24 but (+0.36 underdog by projections 

  • Lamb & Zuerlein

  • Hurts, Sanders, & Goedert 

Now, for some Next level NCAYFT:

I am high score in two of my leagues; if CeeDee Lamb scores at least 18.03 in my main league (full PPR), I’ll have high score of the week there as well.



A: Miles sanders and Randy Gregory to beat ceedee lamb. I’m not at all confident

 B: amari cooper to get 22 yards and a reception. Or not play and Schultz to get the same  pretty sure cooper plays but I picked up the safety earlier this week. 

C already won but with a sack and a couple tackles from Barnett I’ll cross the 300 point mark, which is among the highest scores each year. 

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Picked the Wrong QB (Wentz over Brisset)...  I need Reagor to get me >100 yards & 2 TD ...  

No expectations of half that production!  


eric rymer

Don't need much. I'm done and up 24 in my Dynasty league. He had Kyler and thankfully he did as little as my Lamar did. Just need his Dalton Shultz and Nick Collins to not have the game of their careers. 



In one league, Greg the Leg to outscore Dak and Sanders by 10. I'm chalking that up as a loss 😄

Lamb to score 3.1 in half-PPR. Which should be a slam-dunk, but weirder things have happened. Losing there would be particularly brutal since I would've already clinched the win if I didn't get cute and bench Tannehill for the first time this season for a newly picked up Danny Jones.



Nothing interesting, just need Cooper and Goedert not to injure each other on the opening kickoff in one league, everything else decided



13 points from one of Sanders, Gainwell or Pollard (whichever one I start, presumably Sanders)

Same. I need 13.1 from Miles Sanders tonight. Non PPR so a TD and 71 totals yards will do it.

In another league I need CeeDee Lamb to stay under 22. That is a PPR. So 6 receptions for 99 yards and a TD works just fine for me. 


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