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I'm up 19 with Driver and Olsen going against Jennings. I'm feeling good but I don't have it locked up just yet!

Got rid of my last piece of these two teams a few weeks ago when I let Crosby go (not wanting to deal with Weather in the playoffs).

Needed 9 points going into last night...DeAngelo got me 38.

:pickle: :pickle:

Im down by 20 I have forte he has Jennings, basically I need for Forte to go off, and for Jennings to have what Steve Smith had last night, He had Cassel and I benched Thigpen for Shaub cant believe he didnt go off against the raiders

Need Mike McCarthy (yes we get points for HC), Driver, Ogunleye and Urlacher to score 73 points. It's not looking good :-(

I need Aaron Rodgers to score 11 more points then Greg Olsen. I'm going to fantasy church to pray to the fantasy gods

Im down by 20 I have forte he has Jennings, basically I need for Forte to go off, and for Jennings to have what Steve Smith had last night, He had Cassel and I benched Thigpen for Shaub cant believe he didnt go off against the raiders
Im down 3 and have Forte vs his Jennings.Also up 7 vs Bears D and GrantHoping to go 1-1
Before the Giants vs Panthers game last night, I was up 170.47 to 113.60. He had DeAngelo Williams and got 34.8 points from him to close the gap to 26.47, and he still has Tillman and Ogunleye going tonight. I should hold on, but it's not 100% in the bag.

I need 3 TDs from Aaron Rodgers and 3 extra points and a field goal from Mason Crosby. Or 3 TDs and 310 yards from Rodgers ... or 6 field goals from Crosby ... or 1 TD and 400 yards from Rodgers ... or 1 TD and 300 yards from Rodgers and 1 extra point and 2 field goals from Crosby ... or ..... :goodposting: or ... :lmao: or ... :lmao:

Down 4...I have Forte, and he has Chicago D. Guess it's a coin flip at this time, but he will start off with a 19 point advantage.

Two leagues......................

1) trail by 43 and have Forte and A Rodgers

2) lead by almost 8 and am done with opponent having Packer TE Lee and TE get 1.5 ppr

up by 35...opponent has Rodgers and Jennings.

5 degrees, I don't see a huge passing night, but who knows. Anyone think the Packers will mail it in?

League 1: Up 32.85, he has Jennings and Hester

League 2: Down 1.3, I have Driver and CHI D, he has Jennings and Crosby

In my $ league championship: I'm down 2.68 points. She is done, I have Robbie Gould going. One FG or 3 extra points will do it...

(So watch, the Bears will get shut out or only get something like 14 points)

I am plus 39 going into tonight for the championship game. My opponent has GB Defense left, so it would take a major miracle for him to catch me. A shut out, 3 defensive tds, then he would need 6 plays involving sack, fumble rec, int, etc. So anyway, that part is done - I'll get the 1st place share.

More importantly, the guy i am facing in the championship had a 29 point lead going into this weekend for total points on the season. So I am up 10. I need his GB defense to score less than 10 points. Sacks are worth 1, everything else (int, fumb rec, blk punt, etc) is worth 2. Tds worth 6. So I need Chicago to score at elast 18 points, and have GB have less than 5 ints or 10 sacks or a combination of those things.

That woudl be sweet to win the tournament and the scoring title. Make for a nice bit of found cash for the holidays.

Up by 4.88 and going against Crosby... Can't believe this is coming down to a F'n kicker! I can only hope for a few things - GB to only score TD's or CHI Defense to play lights out. I can only afford 4 XP or 1XP & 1 FG (under 50 yards)... Not looking good for me

I need someone to go back and declare DeAngelo Williams ineligible from yesterday thus wiping his performance off the record books and granting me the title....

Up 32, he has Rodgers and Crosby. If Crosby hits a 30+ FG, a 40+ FG and 2 XP's (10 points), then I need Rodgers to do nothing better than a 225 and 2 TD night (21 points). Could be close...

I need very bad weather to keep Crosby from kicking in 15 points or more.

5 points 50 yarder

4 points 40+ yarder

3 points 39 and down.

Unfortunately, I need a boatload of points from Forte in my PPR (we also count .3 pts/carry, and 1 pt/10 yds). Something to the effect of:



2 TDs

The only way I lose with Team 1 is if Robbie Gould throws 5 ints.

The only way I lose with Team 2 is if Greg Jennings has 275 yards and 5 TD's

I need 7.36 points from A Rodgers. Anyone have an update on the weather in Chicago. I know it is cold, but are they still clear from precipitation?


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