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Moral Dilemma (1 Viewer)

Am I obligated to honor the nullified trade?

  • Yes. A deal is a deal.

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  • No. It's the other guy's fault for not getting his roster in order. You snooze you lose.

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In my dynasty league I proposed a trade that got accepted, where the other owner had to drop someone to get under the roster limit. He didn't do so within the waiting period (2 days), and the trade was rejected for this reason. I did post on the league board within an hour of the trade being accepted reminding the other owner that he had to drop someone, and he posted at the board after that. In any case, he didn't get it done, and the trade was nullified. In the meantime, I get another offer that's significantly better. The first guy still wants to do it. Am I obligated to reoffer the original trade?

On the one hand, the trade was agreed to before being nullified on a technicality, and thus still has value as an agreement between the two parties. On the other hand, if this were the NFL and you don't get the paperwork done, the other team would likely gleefully go the other way in this situation. I don't believe I've acted in bad faith, as I made every effort to remind the guy to get his roster under the limit. But now that it happened, part of me says that my only responsibility (in a pretty competitive league) is to better my team as much as possible within the rules.

Please vote and reply with any relevant reasoning.

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If the deal went through but was nullified because of roster constraints, I don't think you're on the hook to continue the deal now. You're free to hear other offers.

There will be some hurt feelings, but this is a case where it's good to be transparent. Just say you got a better deal and ask if he can beat the new offer. Give him the opportunity to turn you down by saying he can't keep up with the new offer.

Going by the rules, you're doing ntohing wrong. In reality, you just have to be a little careful the way you handle it. But you're under no obligation to take a worse deal. That wouldn't make any sense.

No. It's the other guy's fault for not getting his roster in order. You snooze you lose.

Dude didn't take care of all the business required to make it a legal trade.

I agree with the idea of going to the first guy and being straight-up with him about receiving a superior offer, giving him a chance to match it. You are under no obligation to stick to a previous trade that was nullified according to your league's rules.

It might be a bit different if, like me, you're in a keeper/dynasty with long-time friends, and you just want to keep the peace and avoid any hard feelings by re-offering the original trade.

To take it one step further, he could have been abusing the system by seeing if he could get a better deal during the two day period.

You are free to move on, just be wary of the future effects of dealing with this party.

move on if you'd like. the "contract" you created was invalidated by him. you didn't rescind or break your consideration. IMO you have no theoretical or ethical duty to make the trade again.


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