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Morgan or Witherspoon? (1 Viewer)

Morgan or Witherspoon

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Need to pick up a reserve linebacker for weeks 8 (Vilma) and 10 (Thurman). Carolina hosts the Vikings and Jets, respectively. The Vikings and Jets are tied as 5th most generous to linebackers year to date under my scoring system (1/tackle, 0.5 assist; 4 sack; 5 INT; 3 FF, 2 FR; 6 TD; 2 SFTY)Morgan left the Lions game but had a monster 1st half. Witherspoon started strong this year but seems to have faded. I can't find much on injury status, so can you help out? Ideally I'd like to pick up one guy that fills in both weeks so as to minimize transactions. Thanks

FYI - Morgan is still questionable for this week. He thinks he will be able to play but also said his shoulder is still bothering him. This could be a problem since obviously he is the MLB and takes a lot of hits.Wait as long as you can before making a decision if that is possible.

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Wait as long as you can before making a decision if that is possible.
I agree. If Morgan is going to play, he'll put up solid numbers. If he doesn't play, Witherspoon will put up solid numbers.
I don't think starting any CAR LB is good this week.
Excellent post. :rolleyes:
I'm think that the Minn O will not give the CAR LB corp enough opportunities to make plays. With Morgan hurt, he could easily play 1 quarter and then sit. The injury risk is way too high. Also, Witherspoon has sucked since his knee injury. Even when Morgan was out, he played poorly. Add it all up and the CAR LB's will have a horrible day. We will see who is right...
Are these your only two options for bye week filler?
No, but the CAR matchups looked quite tasty. Here's the exhaustive list (top 30 FAs) of who's available now:

1. 100. Brackett, Gary IND

2. 123. Kassell, Brad TEN

3. 125. Morgan, Dan CAR

4. 136. Crowell, Angelo BUF

5. 176. Godfrey, Randall SDC

6. 185. Marshall, Lemar WAS

7. 186. Morrison, Kirk OAK

8. 196. Tinoisamoa, Pisa STL

9. 199. Gold, Ian DEN

10. 200. Greenwood, Morlon HOU

11. 202. Holmes, Earl DET

12. 211. Harrison, James PIT

13. 218. Urich, Jeff SFO

14. 228. Simmons, Brian CIN

15. 230. Thomas, Adalius BAL

16. 232. Ayodele, Akinola JAC

17. 237. Mitchell, Kawika KCC

18. 241. Thornton, David IND

19. 247. Jones, Dhani PHI

20. 256. Haggans, Clark PIT

21. 266. Taylor, Ben CLE

22. 272. Emmons, Carlos NYG

23. 274. Hobson, Victor NYJ

24. 277. Lewis, D.D. SEA

25. 285. Greisen, Nick NYG

26. 289. Nguyen, Dat DAL

27. 292. Smith, Daryl JAC

28. 294. Thompson, Chaun CLE

29. 304. Watson, Courtney NOS

30. 306. Brown, Mark NYJ

Witherspoon is 31st, Channing Crowder ranks 48th of FAs (16th over the last 3 weeks).

Injured Reserve

Bye Week 8

Bye Week 10

Crowell has an excellent matchup at NE in week 8 (3rd most generous to LB, ytd), but a not-so-great game hosting KC in week 10 (31st ytd :X ). I could always do another add/drop for week 10.

MIA would seem to have 2 very good matchups in weeks 8 and 10 at NO (5th) and vs NE (3rd). Is Chowder the real deal? Will he "get his" in the MIA scheme?

I'm a fairly big believer in matchups when it comes to spot, bye week starts. But if there's a blindingly obvious play here, let me know. I'm really only looking for 2 games out of the pickup and would like to limit transaction costs, since I'd go Vilma/Thurman week in and week out (barring injury).


I would grab Morgan. I understand he's an injury risk, but since the first two games, he has been a monster. If nothing else he's worth stashing on your bench for when he is healthy. Just my two cents.


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