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MPC Computer Bowl- Boise State v Boston College (1 Viewer)


MPC Computer Bowl- Boise State vs. Boston College- I watched the lines closer than usual in this one.

Boise State-

Daryn Colledge- OT 6'5 296- 2 false start penalties. Showed good technique staying in front of Kiwauka for much of the game. Good position and movement in his run blocking. Quality football game.

Alex Guerrero DT 6'1 295 1 sack, 1 TBL in the 1st quarter, disruptive often going against a player considered draftable in Ross. Also, had a key pressure in the 4th quarter. Appears more quick than strong. Did leave the game in the 4th some sort of injury, but was the best defender for BSU. Late round possibility.

Boston College

Mathias Kiwanuka DE 6'6 260 handled fairly well,, moved around the line but was doubled some, but often Colledge handled him alone. Displayed good effort, but I did not see the extra gear that he needs against a more mobile QB. That said, he caused enough disruption and changes in blocking scheme to consider him a 1st rounder, not sure if he is top 10 type though.

Jeremy Trueblood OLT 6'9 330- Did a good job in both the pass and run in this game. In the 4th quarter the team really tilted its run game to the left side and he handled the responsibility well. Was highlighted playing to the whistle on a couple of occasions. Not as good when asked to pull and trap though. Once picked up a fumble helping his team get a first down

Pat Ross C 6'4 295 allowed a sack was beated when he did not move his feet well enough. Key bad snap late in the 4th quarter. Overall, showed some good technique, but did have the aforementioned breakdowns.

Will Blackmon CB/WR/KR 6'0 202 -showed explosive speed making at least three big plays. Has good quickness and moves in the open field. WR skills solid, but normally these two way guys end up on defense since it is more demanding in terms of skills. At the key point of the game, Blackmon was in on defense. Has skills potentially of 1st rounder, but question about where to play him may drop him as far as the 3rd.


Enjoy reading, keep up the good work.
Agreed on that front. :thumbup: Id like to highlight Colledge out of the players listed here. We all knew he was good but watching him yesterday was something else. Excelled in pass protection and though he was a little rusty in figuring out the snap counts as evidenced by the 2 penalties, he more or less contained a speedy Kiwanuka for the entirety of the span that I watched. In fact, the word I might use here is dominant. Even late in Q3 on the TD run by the quarterback, they opted to take it to the left and Colledge his part admirably by isolating the de, putting his back to the hole and not giving up an inch. As a testament to his game, Kiwanuka was infinitely more disruptive when going against the Right Tackle.

FUTURE WATCH: One name Id like to mention is Quentin Jones- PR for Boise State. Showed a lot of wiggle and speed on returns, often breaking inital tackles to gain 5-10 extra yards. I believe he was second in the nation in average retun yardage and showed us why. Had a bad return, however, late in Q3 when he slipped on the turf after the catch and was quickly downed for a loss of a yard. Had that beautiful TD run while the field was a soppy mess. Only a sophmore.

CoolNerd: Spot on about Alex Guerrero. :thumbup:

On a side note, I'd also like to vouch for the Safties for Boise State. They got beated on a few occasions when the reciever was able to get behind the coverage but other than that were solid from what I saw (camera always centered on the line, could not see coverage for most of the game). FS Tadman came up with an INT on a poor decision by BC QB Ryan, but the catch was not exactly a gimme. Also I saw he had a few key tackles in run support, blowing up one play in the backfield and putting pressure on the QB. SS Cam Hall was quiet from what I saw but had a huge breakup in the end zone on an almost textbook coverage on a good TE in Chris Miller. The pass was on target and he made a hell of an effort to break it up. Not saying he will be drafted but may get a look as a FA. Hall is a Senior and Tadman is a sophmore.

Ill add to the chorus of " I was impressed greatly by Colledge yesterday, not so much by Kiwi". Kiwi hasnt really been himself this year, battling injuries, and just not showing the ferocity he had last year. He should still be the 2nd DE off the board and no later than 15th-20th because guys with his long frame and athleticism just dont come along too often. One thing that particularly impressed me about colledge was his technique - i saw him execute cut blocks well, and he did a very good job of using his strength to keep the DE away from his body - he seemed very much "in the zone" and decisive with all of his moves.What a great crop of OTs this year, with Colledge likely no higher than 5th or 6th!


Enjoy reading, keep up the good work.
Agreed on that front. :thumbup: Id like to highlight Colledge out of the players listed here.
Another :thumbup: for these. Nice work coolnerd.I've been very impressed with Colledge all year, and in one thread in the Shark Pool I went so far as to say I think he is possibly as good as any OT in this draft.

On the other hand, I dropped Trueblood behind the top 7 OTs after watching him look clumbsy earlier in the season. He really impressed me yesterday. He has a lot more athleticism than I thought. He wasn't facing top competition yesterday, but no one Boise sent at him had a prayer. His position and technique in pass protection was spot on, and he even showed a nice nasty streak knocking defenders way out of the play. In run blocking the nastiness seemed to be replaced by more solid position and just getting in the way. It was effective, but he looked a little lost on the second level. I also noticed something that made me laugh. Several times Boise St. just didn't attack Trueblood. The ball would be snapped and there was little for big Jeremy to do. Why BC didn't exploit that and run right behind him was amusing, until the end when they did. He's good. It was hard for me to say Colledge is better after watchhing this game. What a deep class of quality OTs.


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