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Multiple ESPN Free Leagues Need Replacements (1 Viewer)


All Leagues are close to finishing their inaugural seasons, however I have played with most of these guys for years in other leagues.

League One(Probably the most competitive and my favorite): 12 Team Auction Redraft 0.5 PPR(talks about turning it onto a keeper starting next season). Starts 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, FLEX, TE, D , K. One spot available.

League Two(Also a fun league with a good group of owners): 14 Teams 2 Keepers Non-PPR, same starters with D.Murray and Fitz as your likely keepers. But draft picks can be traded to upgrade keepers. One spot available.

League Three(Also was pretty boring during the season but will have some new members next year): 12 Team Superflex Auction PPR Keeper(0-2 Players with $5 inflation rate every year a player is kept). $200 Budget. Teams available(auction prices without inflation rate in brackets). Team one includes Murray(33), Sproles(23), Calvin(51), Gronk(37), Locker(3), Boldin(3), Dalton(1), Palmer(4), Hillman(1). Team two includes MJD(57), Rice(59), A.Johnson(44), Gore(12), Daniels(1), Shorts(1), James Jones(1).

If interested please PM me or email me(my FBG's username @gmail.com).

Thanks and happy holidays!

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Plenty of interest on league one, hoping to get the spot filled with the best candidate by next week. Great league in year one, lots of talk, trades and some rivalries.


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