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Music Bowl- Virginia vs. Minnesota (1 Viewer)


Music City Bowl Virginia vs. Minnesota-


D’Brickshaw Ferguson OT 6'5 290-For the most part kept his man in front of him and showed good footwork. A couple of times he was beaten one seemed to be a bull rush. As a run blocker did his job, but not dominate. I can see the reason people are high on his potential, but his overall performance did not look like a guy that should be a top 5 in the draft.

Marques Hagans QB/WR/KR5'10 211- plays in a pro style offense and has a strong arm, but is probably not his listed height. If he were 3-4 inches taller he would be a legitimate NFL prospect. Not sure of his straight ahead speed to be a KR/WR on the next level. Seems like he could be some version of gadget player, or a Canadian QB.

Wali Lundy RB 5'10 215- Solid player, with stocky build. Catches pass and runs well inside. Did not look like a fast player who could break many long runs in the pros. Reminds of a Patrick Pass. 5th-6th round back-up type in my mind.

Lai Parham LB 6'3 247 - did not jump out at me, but was steady making probably double digit tackles. May come our as a junior as a 1st day LB.

Ahmad Brooks LB 6'4 245 -injured may still come out. Athletic player who has never played up to physical skills.


Laurence Maroney RB 5'11 205-runs inside quite a bit for a guy on the smaller side (about the same as Bush). Seems to have good speed once in the open Vision and cutting ability good. . This game production nothing special. For me he a guy I would like a lot more the 2nd round than as 1st rounder I am totally confident in.

Greg Eslinger C 6'3 285 Played well against a 3-4 team with a NT over him. Technique, angle type guy. Guessing 3rd or 4th round because of position not overall skills.

Mark Setterstrom OG 6'3 295- really a similar player to Eslinger. On the small size for an NFL guard though and would have to play in a system that values movement. Guessing around the 4th-5th round.

wow. Nice work.I have been wondering whether D'Brick will really be the 1st OT taken this year.

as a packer fan who knows they'll be one of a handful of teams looking at Brick real high (unless they trade down) great post, thanx


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