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Must read fantasy football survivor pool. Like none other....... (1 Viewer)


Hey guys,

While others post about survivor pools we have the most unique last man standing pool on the web hands down. And it's 100% legal!

Here is why its so unique to our site.

  • You pick a roster of 5 NFL players each week and you can't use them again during the contest.
  • QB-RB-WR-TE-K this is your roster of one player each
  • Your players combined score must reach our 50 points requirement. 49 or less and you are out.
  • $25 entry fee and multiple entries allowed.
  • Prize is already at $1,000!
  • Totally legal at our site.

Not only do you have the thrill of winning our grand prize you also have the option of SELLING your entry to the highest bidder! We give you the option of selling your entry to the highest bidder after week #4. All you do is let us know you want to field bids and we set it up for you. Imagine with a prize like this or higher who knows what someone would be willing to bid. The best part is you don't have to accept. You can stay the course and go for the grand prize. It's all your option.

Nothing like this pool compares! If you want in or more details email me at dtriley@optonline.net


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