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My 3 round mock draft (1 Viewer)


This is a 3 round mock based on what I think makes sense and could happen for each team, not necessarily what I would do if I were running each team. I dislike some of these picks, as I'm sure I will many actual picks. Without any further adieu:

Round 1:

1.       Cin=Joe Burrow QB LSU, this has seemingly been a lock, since Tua’s injury.

2.       Was=Tua Tagovailoa QB Alabama, Dwayne Haskins was drafted by Gruden and Allen, whom are both gone. Haskins played fine as a rookie, but didn’t light it up, and Tua is considered a far better prospect, and may have been the #1 pick if not for his injury. The Redskins can start Haskins, until Tua is ready, and then trade whomever they like less. I subscribe to the idea that you want to get the best QB, not just a QB, and passing on a potential star, just because you might already have a guy is a mistake.

3.       Det=Chase Young ED OSU, well this pick takes about 5 seconds. If Young is gone, I can see Detroit possibly trading down, but if Tua is gone, I don’t expect a huge market for the pick, and I suspect this is who Patricia would want at #1.

4.       NYG=Jeffrey Okudah CB OSU, I see OT mocked here a lot, but I just don’t see it. The Giants have a decent o-line, although Daniel Jones didn’t help but getting himself sacked a ton, on plays where he just wandered into pass rushers. Anyway, the CB position is a giant hole, and Okudah is the best prospect since Ramsey in my eyes.

5.       Mia=Justin Herbert QB Oregon, I really don’t think Miami trades up. Just don’t see why they would. Hell, for all we know, they might even prefer Herbert to Tua, as he’s got a bigger arm, and is healthier. They can stay put at #5, and add tons of supporting talent.

6.       LAC=Derrick Brown IL Auburn, this is probably a worst case for the Chargers, and I think they, not Miami, are the team most likely to trade up for a QB. In this case though, they settle for an immovable mountain, and fill a hole between Bosa/Ingram that has existed for years. Also should help Tillery, as he’s somewhat miscast as a 2-gap player. The Chargers look to have a 49ers-like DL if things break right.

7.       Car=Isaiah Simmons LB Clemson, in my opinion the Panthers just lost the best player in team history to retirement. They are very fortunate to find a worthy replacement here. Simmons is a better prospect than either of the Devins last season.

8.       Ari=Mehki Becton OT Louisville, I think it is going to be hard for teams for ignore Becton’s ceiling, but I caution that he is BY FAR the worst of the OT prospects, at least right now. That said, pass rushers might not even be able to see Kyler Murray with Becton in their way.

9.       Jax=Jedrick Wills OT Alabama, the Jags have honestly been searching for a LT since Boselli. Adding Wills to Norwell, Linder, Taylor, and…? Gives them a potentially strong OL for the first time since the MJD years.

10.   Cle=Tristan Wirfs OT Iowa, the last Big Ten OT the Browns took in the top-10 worked out great, and they haven’t been able to replace him until this pick.

11.   NYJ=Jerry Jeudy WR Alabama, I think Jeudy would instantly be a huge upgrade from Anderson. He’s a much more complete WR, and arguably has similar big play ability. This is quietly a make or break year for Darnold, though its worth noting they were a .500 team with him last season.

12.   LV=CeeDee Lamb WR Oklahoma, this works out perfectly for the Raiders. Lamb is arguably the highest floor WR in the class, and the Raiders offense could use a jolt.

13.   Ind=Andrew Thomas OT Georgia, what a steal for the Colts here. Thomas is the best OT in the class, right now anyway, and doesn’t need to start right away, if Castonzo comes back, he’s the heir apparent either way.

14.   TB=Javon Kinlaw IL South Carolina, Kinlaw adds another good young player, to a quietly good young defense.

15.   Den=Henry Ruggs WR Alabama, adding Ruggs opposite Sutton could be a nightmare for opposing defenses. With Fant up the seam, and Lindsay in the backfield, the Broncos could be a sneaky good offense, if Lock is the guy. Big if.

16.   Atl=CJ Henderson CB Florida, I see DL mocked here a lot, but CB is just as a big a need, and Henderson is a very high upside prospect.

17.   Dal=K’Lavon Chiasson ED LSU, this is a complete boom/bust pick. I worry a lot that Chiasson basically disappeared for games at a time, but he showed up big when it mattered most, and DeMarcus Lawrence has needed a running mate his entire career.

18.   Mia=Justin Jefferson WR LSU, this is way higher than I like him, but it seems like the area he’s being talked about now. Jefferson is a slot WR, which Miami needs(sorry Albert Wilson) and surrounding Herbert with help is priority 1.

19.   LV=Jordan Love QB Utah St, I haven’t seen this landing spot, but I like it. Carr is clearly on pretty thin ice, and Love is a guy who likely needs time to develop anyway.

20.   Jax=Xavier McKinney S Alabama, the Jaguars once mighty defense could use help at almost every level. McKinney is a very high floor pick.

21.   Phi=Kenneth Murray LB Oklahoma, I see WR here almost all the time, and I just think it is unlikely, unless somehow Ruggs falls. The defense is what let Philly down the most and they need some youth/speed all across the back end. That includes a LB with some range.

22.   Buf=Kristian Fulton CB LSU, this is a steal, as Fulton was arguably the best CB in CFB the last 2 years. He only falls do to average tools, but these are the type of players McDermott loves.

23.   NE=AJ Epenesa ED Iowa, this just feels like a Patriots pick, as basically the new Trey Flowers. There isn’t a TE worthy of this pick, and I don’t see them taking a WR here, unless a top guy fell.  

24.   NO=Patrick Queen LB LSU, Demario Davis has been a smashing success as a FA pickup, but he could use a partner. Queen is a great athlete(former RB) and the Saints have the luxury of going BPA.

25.   Min=Yetur Gross-Matos ED Penn St, CB is a possibility as well(maybe Diggs?) but the DL is quietly falling apart, as only Hunter is a difference maker these days, and Griffin and Joseph are no locks to be back. This is a risk/reward pick, but the toolsy type of player Zimmer has success with.

26.   Mia=Josh Jones OT Houston, some would argue him to the Vikings, but that goes against a decade of Spielman history. He simply doesn’t take non-Power 5 guys high. Miami on the other hand, will take whatever help they can get, to continue to set Herbert up for success.

27.   Sea=Tee Higgins WR Clemson, this might be a surprise for some, but hear me out. Seattle has made it very clear they want another WR. They sniffed around AB, and traded for Gordon. Ideally, they add a guy on day 2, but if Higgins is here, that is a tough pass.

28.   Bal=Trevon Diggs CB Alabama, the Ravens have(wisely in my opinion) embraced the idea that the back of your defense matters more than the front. With Jimmy Smith leaving in FA, another CB is needed, as the Ravens are frequently using 5-6 DB’s. Diggs size/style fit perfectly, and well it was likely just an Ozzie Newsome thing, the Ravens have had a lot of success with Alabama guys.

29.   Ten=Grant Delpit S LSU, Vaccaro and Hooker are ok, but Delpit’s talent far exceeds theirs, and could pair with Byard as a top Safety combo going forward.

30.   GB=Laviska Shenault WR Colorado, this is a Packers fan’s dream scenario, or a nightmare one for a Bears fan like myself. Shenault is arguably the best RAC guy in the draft, and probably the best guy with the ball in his hands. His routes need work, and he’s been a bit injury prone(including getting hurt at the combine) those issues likely push him out of the top half of round 1, but his playmaking ceiling is as high as anyone’s.

31.   SF=Austin Jackson OT USC, I think Jackson should have stayed in school, He needs work, and weight, but he has great feet, and is likely nowhere near his ceiling. I see this as a long-term replacement for Staley.

32.   KC=Brandon Aiyuk WR ASU, Watkins is likely to be sent packing for cap reasons, and Robinson is a FA, that leaves just Hill and Hardman at WR. Aiyuk is another great RAC guy, who is somewhat similar to Watkins in a lot of ways.

Round 2:

33.   Cin=D’Andre Swift RB Georgia, this would be sure to disappoint owners of the 1.1 rookie pick, but let’s look at this. The Bengals are loathe to pay guys big money, Mixon is FA in 2021, and has said he wants to be the league’s highest paid RB. Swift can take Bernard’s job this year, and Mixon’s in 2021.

34.   Ind=Jeff Gladney CB TCU, the Colts secondary regressed last season, and Gladney offers excellent speed, and ok size.

35.   Det=Zack Baun LB Wisconsin, I think Baun would be better off adding 15+ pounds and playing DE, but he seems committed to LB. I think Patricia could see some value using him as a Donta Hightower type.

36.   NYG=Ross Blacklock IL TCU, what was once a stacked d-line, is now a little thin again. Lawrence and Tomlinson are pretty good, but I don’t see Leonard Williams returning, and Blacklock might offer more anyway.

37.   LAC=Jonathan Taylor RB Wisconsin, I know they just signed Ekeler long term, but they also have repeatedly stated it’s a 2 RB system. I think Justin Jackson has played well when needed, but I think getting a big play threat like Taylor to fill Gordon’s shoes(again) is something the Chargers will condsider.

38.   Car=AJ Terrell CB Clemson, CB was a need, even before James Bradberry wanted 15 mill a year(and he’s not even good)Terrell was likely a round 1 pick, until getting his lunch money stolen in the National title game.

39.   Mia=Jalen Reagor WR TCU, I’m all-in in adding playmakers to the offense for Herbert. Preston Williams was a nice find, but he’s still a very unproven guy, coming off a major knee injury, with a very sketchy off field history. I don’t think he’s a reliable asset, and would treat him as a bonus going forward. Reagor offers big playmaking upside, as a the deep threat, behind Parker’s all around game, and Jefferson’s slot work.

40.   Ari=Denzel Mims WR Baylor, I think his combine was great(Senior Bowl too) but he’s still unlikely to be round 1 pick. This is probably a best possible landing spot, getting to learn from Fitz, on a team with no clear #1 going forward.

41.   Cle=Neville Gallimore IL Oklahoma, much like with Wirfs, the Browns take another athletic monster. The run defense could se help, and there isn’t really a LB worth taking here.

42.   Jax=Terrell Lewis ED Alabama, I swear I’m not just picking Bama guys for the Jags. I expect Yannick Ngakoue to be gone(possibly by tag and trade) and Lewis represents a cheap, potential alternative.

43.   Chi=Jacob Eason QB Washington, I’m showing no homer-ism here. I’d hate this pick. I think Eason screams Osweiler. That said, I think the Bears add a QB this offseason, and as much as I’d love or to be Brady or Rivers, I doubt it’ll be somebody to immediately usurp Trubisky.

44.   Ind=Antoine Winfield S Minnesota, Colts secondary continues to get stronger. Winfield isn’t the talent his dad was, but has been a very good player whenever he’s been healthy, which hasn’t been as often as you’d like, as he redshirted twice.

45.   TB=Cesar Ruiz C Michigan, after upgrading the defensive interior in round 1, the Bucs upgrade the offensive interior in round 2. Ruiz is flying up draft boards after a great combine and talk of position versatility.

46.   Den=Noah Igbinoghene CB Auburn, I’ll start be saying I strongly believe Harris>Bouye, but since the Broncos had seemingly made that choice, I think that will lock Callahan(assuming he’s healthy) in the slot. Another outside CB is needed. Igbinoghene is very raw, he only became a CB at Auburn) but has top notch athleticism and physicality.

47.   Atl=Justin Madubuike IL Texas A&M, Grady Jarrett is the best interior D-lineman in the NFL after Aaron Donald in my mind, but so few know it, because he has almost no help.

48.   NYJ=Marlon Davidson ED Auburn, Davidson is considered an edge/int tweener, though his recent size gain tells me he’ll only be an end in 3-4 defenses. With Leonard Williams gone, and Quinnen Williams in hot water, this is both an insurance pick, and a sneaky need, as much as Jets fans are probably loathe another D-lineman.

49.   Pit=Bryce Hall CB Virginia, with only 1 pick in the first 3 rounds, the Steelers need to make it count. Hall was considered a round 1 lock, until some injury woes last year. With Joe Haden on the wrong side of 30, the Steelers are in need of a young CB long term, and maybe short as well.

50.   Chi=Cole Kmet TE Notre Dame, Trey Burton has unsurprisingly been a bust(when even healthy) and another weapon is needed in the passing game regardless of who is the QB. Kmet never really wowed at Notre Dame, but he was a solid all around guy, who greatly exceeded expectations at the combine.

51.   Dal=Jaylon Johnson CB Utah, Byron Jones is almost a lock to leave Dallas, and getting Johnson this late would be a monster steal to me. For whatever reason Utah players seem to be underrated in my opinion.

52.   LAR=Curtis Weaver ED Boise St, was extremely productive as basically a smaller school version of Chase Young. Of course, his athleticism is nowhere near Young’s hence being here in round 2.

53.   Phi=Cameron Dantzler CB Miss St, I’ll save Berman the time, “hold me closer Cameron Dantzler” in all seriousness, Dantzler was an amazing college CB, but is crazy skinny, and slow. However he is extremely long, and could in theory add 15 pounds without losing speed.  

54.   Buf=Damon Arnette CB OSU, McDermott has done a lot with very little in my opinion. The Bills are a bottom 10 NFL team talent wise. The defense was top-5 despite only a few good players, Adding real talent, especially at CB, where it was White and others, could really push them over the top. I don’t view Josh Norman as a major add, as he’s hit pure flier stage.

55.   Atl=KJ Hamler WR Penn St, a versatile WR/KR on the turf in Atlanta. Hamler gives the Falcons a solid third weapon as it looks like Hooper will hit the market(he’s nothing  special in my opinion) and Sanu is long gone. Perhaps his speed opens up more space for breakout candidate Calvin Ridley.

56.   Mia=Julian Okwara ED Notre Dame, ok it is probably time for a defensive pick for Miami. Okwara is a toolsy pass rusher, who needs more refinement, but offers far more than any of the current Dolphins pass rushers.

57.   Hou=Tyler Biadasz C Wisconsin, like the Steelers, the Texans only have a round 2 pick on the first 2 days. Targeting a safer prospect seems like a solid move, and Houston is always looking for o-line help. The Texans interior is weaker than the OT spots, so I think they look there.

58.   Min=Lloyd Cushenberry C LSU, Pat Elflien was a better Guard than Center, but he’s still ideally a backup OL. Cushenberry was a solid player for LSU, and is NFL ready.

59.   Sea=JK Dobbins RB OSU, this is another pick fantasy guys will likely hate, but Carson is coming off a major hip injury, has finished 2/3 seasons on IR, and is in a contract year. Penny blew out his knee and is unlikely to be ready for week 1(and that is coming from Pete Carroll, who is typically wearing the rosiest colored glasses in the NFL when it comes to injured players) enter Dobbins as an immediate upgrade in the receiving game, and possible RB of the future, on a team that values the running game a lot more than most.

60.   Bal=Isaiah Wilson OT Georgia, a massive mountain of a man, he fits what the Ravens offense is doing perfectly. Might end up kicking to Guard as an heir apparent to Yanda.

61.   Ten=Soloman Kindley OG Georgia, simply a BPA pick. Kindley struggled a bit this year, after entering the year as a projected first round pick, but his tools are there, he just needs to iron some major consistency issues.

62.   GB=Kyle Dugger S Lenoir-Rhyne, the Packers play more 6-DB sets than possibly any team in the league. Dugger is flying up boards as an extremely rangy Safety who can also tackle. He(and Savage) can both play slot CB when needed, and offer tremendous versatility.

63.   KC=Shane Lemieux OG Oregon, the weakest part of the Chiefs offense is the G position. Lemieux was a 4-year starter, and packs a huge punch in the run game. Just feels like an Andy Reid type.

64.   Sea=Netane Muti OG Fresno St, his highlight reel is as impressive as any OL of the last 5 years, its also among the shortest as Muti has barely played the last 2 seasons. He’s an absolute monster when he gets his hands on guys( Hi 44 bench reps!) and is a great fit for Seattle’s offense.

Round 3:

65.   Cin=Ezra Cleveland OT Boise St, I don’t really buy into the round 1 talk, as Cleveland still has a ways to go, from a size and experience standpoint. That said, I can see the upside. Would likelt start at RT right away for the Bengals.

66.   Was=Prince Wanogho OT Auburn, more of a run blocking OT than a pass blocker. Still he does that well, and Rivera has long been a run first coach. Could also be a Guard.

67.   Det=Jabari  Zuniga ED Florida, the Lions number one priority is upgrade the pass rush. Young is a huge get, Baun helps, and now Zuniga, another toolsy player, who needs to learn technique.

68.   NYJ=Chase Claypool WR Notre Dame, adding more weapons for Darnold. I somewhat wonder if he wouldn’t be better at TE, but his combine workout likely ensured he gets his first crack at WR. He’d bring size to a Jets WR group that lacks it.

69.   Car=Raekwon Davis IL Alabama, Davis is pretty one dimensional, but his does that dimension very well. Carolina was arguably the worst run defense in the league last season, and while injuries contributed to that, adding Davis would certainly help.

70.   Mia=Albert Okwuegbunam TE Missouri, ok, back to adding weapons for Herbert. Mike Gesicki showed some signs of life this season, but was still very up and down. A-Ok(willing that to catch on) blew up the combine and is worth a look for Miami.

71.   LAC=Hunter Bryant TE Washington, I think he’s the best TE in the draft, but I won’t deny he was a disappointment at the combine. I think Hunter Henry will either walk or be tagged, as his injury history likely makes him too untrustworthy for a long term deal for the Chargers.

72.   Ari=Troy Dye LB Oregon, outstanding cover LB, who could pair with Jordan Hicks to give the Cards 2 quality seam defenders, especially valuable in that division.

73.   Jax=James Lynch IL Baylor, I stuck to my guns here, as much as I wanted to fudge it a bot and put another Alabama guy here. Lynch is kind of a poor man’s Davidson, as an EGDE/IL tweener who likely fits best as a 3-4 end. That is kind of how the Jags use Calais Campbell, and Lynch could be his heir apparent.

74.   Cle=Ben Bredeson OG Michigan, a year late, but a replacement for Zietler. A rare 4-year starter at a major program, he’s also(like Zietler) a better pass blocker than run blocker.

75.   Ind=Josh Uche ED Michigan, some may question his size and think he should be a LB, but I think he can stay on the edge. He might fit best as a part-time player, who is a terror coming off the edge, but a liability otherwise.

76.   TB=Ashtyn Davis S California, extremely versatile, could play FS, SS, SCB, CB and not be out place anywhere. So why is he in round 3? He’s all or nothing too often. He’s looking for highlight reel plays, and he almost always is making one. Just sometimes, he’s getting burned by being too aggressive, whether it is jumping routes, or going for hits instead of wrapping up. Still he’s a big hitter, who covers as much ground as anybody. Sort of the defensive version of, “no risk it, no biscuit.”

77.   Den=Bradlee Anae ED Utah, your classic high motor, technically sound, below average athlete type. He can be a starter, but will never be a difference maker, however there is a use for those guys, and Fangio can scheme around it with the best of them.

78.   Atl=Jake Fromm QB Georgia, I like Fromm. I think he’s been sort of overanalyzed, and went from overrated to underrated. He’s a lot like Andy Dalton to me. He’s not a guy who is going to be a star, but at the same time he isn’t going to bust either. I like him as a possible heir apparent to Ryan, but if not, just an upgrade from Schuab.

79.   NYJ=Lucas Niang OT TCU, he’s a legitimately strange prospect. TCU’s offense is unconventional, and Niang had some truly odd technique that even an OL novice can see. That said, there are 2 schools of thought, that being that bad technique can be fixed, and the bad technique was effective, so ultimately does it matter that much? Either way, getting an OT with upside in round 3, either option is ok.

80.   LV=Clyde Edwards-Helaire RB LSU, yes they just drafted Josh Jacobs, and re-signed Jalen Richard, but Richard is nothing special, and Jacobs has never been a full ,load guy going back to college. CEH is a can be a third down back right away, while being a 35% player behind Jacobs, and maybe even splitting into the slot.

81.   LV=Michael Pittman WR USC, more weapons for Carr/Love. Pittman offers size, and while Tyrell Williams also has size, he doesn’t really use it like Pittman does. Also doesn’t hurt that his dad played for Gruden, and Gruden is a lot more sentimental than most coaches. Don’t be shocked if Williams finds himself cut next offseason.

82.   Dal=Logan Stenberg OG Kentucky, just a nasty run blocker. He fits the Cowboys like a glove. Interior depth, with a shot at winning the LG job.

83.   Den=Cam Akers RB FSU, I’m not a big fan of his. I think he has poor vision, ball control, and is a mediocre at best receiver. That said, it is possible the vision issues were a lack of confidence in his o-line, and the ball control issues were due to trying to do too much. There are zero questions about his size/speed. Worst case, he’s a solid depth piece, and special teamer. Best case, he blows right by Freeman, and is in a RBBC with Lindsay.

84.   LAR=Jalen Hurts QB Oklahoma, this is likely another weird fit, but I have a theory here. Innovative coaches tend to one-up one another. I think Sean McVay sees what Sean Payton has done with Taysom Hill, and gets himself a version of his own, with upside for more.

85.   Phi=Tyler Johnson WR Minnesota, this feels more like the sweet spot for WR for Philly. With D-Jax, Jeffery, JJAW, and Ward, along with a 2-TE base offense, it is simply not as big a need as some make it out to be. They just need better health. I view Johnson as an Agholor replacement, with better routes, and much more physicality. Like Agholor, drops are an issue, but drops can often be cured, but sometimes they can’t. I think the book is written on Agholor, but Johnson not so much.

86.   Buf=Nick Harris C Washington, solid interior line depth, with a shot to start anywhere along the interior in the future. Both Pittman and Johnson would have been considerations at WR here.

87.   NE=Jonathan Greenard ED Florida, jack of all trades, master of none, A typical Patriots pick. Another spot where Pittman or Johnson would have made sense.

88.   NO=Brycen Hopkins TE Purdue, Jared Cook is on the wrong side of 30, and the Saints are typically pretty proactive about getting future starts before they need them. Hopkins is actually a somewhat similar prospect to Cook. Not as fast(few are) but arguably better after the catch.

89.   Min=Rashard Lawrence IL LSU, as I mentioned with the Gross-Matos pick, I think the Vikings are really in need of rebuilding their D-line, arguably even more than they need to rebuild their secondary. Lawrence is another high motor, mediocre athlete, who likely won’t bust, but won’t be a star either.

90.   Cle=Jacob Phillips LB LSU, after beefing up the lines, the Browns move to LB, whether Schobert stays or not this is a need, and frankly Schobert is nothing special.  Phillips is arguably the best tackler in this class, but is unproven in coverage as LSU had Queen doing that instead.

91.   LV=Trey Adams OT Washington, great run blocker, very questionable pass blocker, also has a worrisome injury history. That said, not a lot of guys his size, and that run blocking still has value. Once looked like a first rounder, could fall to day 3. I’m splitting the difference here. Adams could be a swing tackle, and maybe move inside too.

92.   Bal=Zack Moss RB Utah, best tackle breaker in the class, his only weakness is a lack of speed. The Ravens are a perfect fit, because their speed runner plays QB. Moss could be the heir apparent to Mark Ingram, as he’s as fast as Edwards, and more versatile.  Much more powerful than Hill.

93.   Ten=Devin Duvernay WR Texas, there is some Christian Kirk to his game, where he looks like a very solid role player, but likely never a #1. Corey Davis seems to be in the doghouse and is a candidate to be traded by the deadline, if not in the draft itself. No way they pick up his option, and the way they are built perhaps Duvernay could be the #2 by 2021.

94.   GB=Jordyn Brooks LB Texas Tech, like Phillips, has coverage questions(more than Phillips does) but hits like a truck. Alas, he was born a generation late. Still a 2-down run stuffer is something Green Bay has a use for after a few games(especially San Fran) where they simply couldn’t make a stop.

95.   Den=Anfernee Jennings ED Alabama, solid depth piece behind aging Miller. Has incredible knack for tipping passes, almost JJ Watt like. I mean nothing else is near that level, but notable nonetheless.

96.   KC=Antonio Gandy-Golden WR Liberty, very interesting size/speed prospect, with good RAC ability to boot. Weaknesses are release, route running, and level of competition. Then again, competition cuts both ways as Liberty’s QB likely isn’t sniffing the NFL. In this case the upgrade from that to Mahomes couldn’t possibly be much bigger. This feels like a nice flier as a #4 WR, that gives them a WR with size.

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It was very interesting, thanks, agreed or disagreed. One thing I may reconsider for sure is Kansas City drafting a WR in round 1 and 3. They may draft WR in first 3 rounds, but invest that heavily in position with Hill and Hardman ? No chance in my opinion. 

Thanks for taking a stance and putting this together. There’s a few picks that I disagree with, which is just like the nfl draft- unpredictable. Overall well thought out ideas for each team.

Awesome mock with analysis. 👍🏼

I’ll add that I’d be shocked if the Eagles went LB in the first outside of a Simmons miracle. If it falls that way with the WRs and Fulton, Diggs or Delpit are there they’d likely go in that direction IMO.

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Nice work but if Washington drafts Tua over Young or trading down, I think most Skins fans will break something in their house on draft night

Good mock thanks 

We should get the member participation much draft going again, we usually do one this time of year. 

EDIT - might be better to wait until after free agency 

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Nice.  Thanks for putting the time together.  I don't see CLE taking 3 straight OL picks in this draft, but it's definitely a bit of a weakness, so I can see why you did.  

No o-lineman until their second third rounder for the Jets??? Mike Maccagnan, is that you?

I like Jeudy, but I would think they would go Thomas there although that was an awful tease not to have any OTs taken until the three picks before the Jets.

Even if the Jets get a LT by trade or FA, they will still need to draft 2 linemen. I would think they would take a center by the end of the third round.  I don't mind your 2 WRs with their top 4 picks, but I think they would pass on an edge guy (even if they need one).  If they don't go with a 2 linemen and 2 WR combo, then I think they will take a CB instead of edge with that pick. We'll see what happens in FA. It's too early to tell.

Technically the Jets were 7-6 with Darnold, not .500. Hey, we can use every win possible.  Besides, I don't buy this is the make or break season for Darnold. He's going to be a good qb when he's not constantly under siege by that o-line and can find outside WRs that get open (and preferably hold on to the ball). How good he will be is the real question for this season.

Just my opinion.

No o-lineman until their second third rounder for the Jets??? Mike Maccagnan, is that you?

I like Jeudy, but I would think they would go Thomas there although that was an awful tease not to have any OTs taken until the three picks before the Jets.

Even if the Jets get a LT by trade or FA, they will still need to draft 2 linemen. I would think they would take a center by the end of the third round.  I don't mind your 2 WRs with their top 4 picks, but I think they would pass on an edge guy (even if they need one).  If they don't go with a 2 linemen and 2 WR combo, then I think they will take a CB instead of edge with that pick. We'll see what happens in FA. It's too early to tell.

Technically the Jets were 7-6 with Darnold, not .500. Hey, we can use every win possible.  Besides, I don't buy this is the make or break season for Darnold. He's going to be a good qb when he's not constantly under siege by that o-line and can find outside WRs that get open (and preferably hold on to the ball). How good he will be is the real question for this season.

Just my opinion.
And he's still very young with 2 seasons under his belt. He's younger than Burrow! I think he'll be a good one but definitely needs an upgraded O-line.

Great read and analysis.   LV is likely going to focus their draft on more D players than you have listed since they have no LBs and could use another starting CB.   

Good work.  Well thought out.

Almost zero chance Steelers take a CB in Rd 2.  If the pick is on D, it will likely be an edge rusher.  More likely than not, it will be on O.

Buffalo could use a CB, but no way to do they draft two back-to-back.  Also, they're probably not drafting a C period, and definitely not in the top three rounds.

I don't think the Lions would want Zuniga after taking Chase Young. Young and Flowers should lock down the edges. Bredeson, Pittman or a RB seem more likely to me given their needs and what they like. 


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