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Not that anyone cares: :tumbleweed: 6 teams. 25 Rounds. I had the #5 pick. (serpentine)$65.00 per player.$20.00 paid to high score each week.$210 paid to most poinst overall.$100.00 paid to second most points overall.Play:1 QB2 RB3 WR/TE1 Flex RB/WR/TE2 LB/DL1 DB1 KCarson Palmer #2Byron Leftwich #21Tiki Barber #1Rudi Johnson #3Dominic Rhodes #13Kevin Faulk #15Greg Jones #17Ledell Betts #19TJ Housh. #4Chris Cooley #5David Givens #7Jeremy Stevens #11Amani Toomer #12Jeb Putzier #23Troy Walters #24Mike Peterson #9Odell Thurman #10Cato June #14Dan Morgan #18Akin Ayodele #22Ike Taylor #16Kevin Kaesviham #20Domonique Foxworth #25Shayne Graham #6Josh Brown #8

Looks pretty decent.I drafted friday nite.Auction league(5 guys,1 dropped out last minute).100.00 to play.We get 200 points to start,highest bid wins.2qb-3-rb/3-wr-2te-2k-2-d/st.Standard scoring. My team looks like thisJ.Delhomme-28 pointsM.Brunell-1pointS.Alexander-66 ''T.Barber-31 ''T.Bell-2 ''M.Harrison-31 ''T.J Houshman-2 ''J.Jurevicius-4 ''C.Cooley-13 ''J.Putzier-2 ''J.Hall-1 ''J.Kasay-2''Chicago-7 ''Indy-10 ''

Here's mine drafting out of the 7th slot (out of 10)Player*Drafted Gibbs, Joe WAS Coach*9.07 Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB*6.04 Barber, Tiki NYG RB*1.07 Foster, De'shaun CAR RB*3.07 Randle El, Antwaan PIT WR*5.07 Wayne, Reggie IND WR*2.04 Cooley, Chris WAS TE*7.07 Vanderjagt, Mike IND PK*4.04 Steelers, Pittsburgh PIT Def*8.04 WCOFF Scoring, draft a roster and go with, no trades, no waivers.I have a chance:shrug:

6 teams, drafted 5th, unique scoring favors WRsAll TDs 25Receiving yards 1 pt, 2 per receptionRushing yards 0.5 pt, 1 per rushPassing yards 0.25 pts, 0.5 per completionQB - P ManningRB - FosterWR - HarrisonFlex (any position) - D JacksonFlex - R SmithTE - StephensK - J BrownObviously looking for SEA/IND final


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