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My Sleep Pillow (1 Viewer)

I had one, thought it was okay.  Then we got a softer bed and that pillow hurt my neck.  It was fine with the firmer mattress but if you sink into a soft mattress you'll need a flatter pillow.  YMMV of course.  

It's ok.  It was amazing when brand new.  You have to throw it in the dryer every once in a while to firm it back up, and I never think of doing that.  I probably should when I get up on a weekend morning because my pillow us uncomftable, but I don't.  I'm guessing for the money there is something better out there.  Won't be buying again.

On the topic, does anyone have a recommendation for a more fluffy pillow?
I'm a big fan of my Casper pillow.  A lot of reviews say it's not firm or supportive enough, but it's good enough for me when sleeping on my back and awesomely comfortable when on my side.

I had a contoured memory foam pillow before and was looking to switch to a down pillow when I decided to try the Casper. It still flattens a bit overnight, but not as much as down pillows I've tried - just needs a quick fluffing now and then..  I'm still happy with it over a year later. 

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