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myfantasyleague schedule mishap. Any other fellow commish familiar w (1 Viewer)

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Hello guys and fellow commissioners... I run a MFL dynasty league and I had the reg season as 14 games and was notified by owner that we start playoffs week 14 and went to commissioner setup select package schedule and changed it from 14 reg season to 13... Not only did it change it to 13 but it changed all the other scheduled games for our league from week 1-12...... all the records are different and owners are getting upset as well as myself. I have sent two messages to MFL. See my dilemna. Even if everyone posted their records, if they could remember, I still dont' know who played who when and it's a total clusterfu&k. Anyone have any suggestions, comments on how to right the ship or if MFL can take your league back 24 hours or have some way to help me get this back... I can't lose all records for the league from one stupid click of the mouse can I??????? pulling out my hair and breathing heavy, any suggestions I would appreciate it guys......

I would wait for a response from MFL. They are pretty good at helping out with stuff like this.

If not, I would change the schedule back to the 14 week schedule and see if it restores the original standings. After that, you will need to manually adjust week 14 for the playoff matchups.

Sounds like you ####ed up lol

MFL has a warning that if you change the schedule it may affect earlier results.


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