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Format: Daily blind bid auction

Summary: Each day there will be 6 to 10 players up for auction simultaneously. Each team is allotted $100 in auction funds. Teams can bid up to their available funds for any individual player up for auction. Owners can place bids on multiple players during a bidding cycle, e.g. you can bid $100 on every player on day one. See bid prioritization for more info. No decimal bids -- any decimal will be rounded down to a whole number (i.e. $10.88 will be a $10 bid)

Bidding: Send one email per team with all daily bids to WISRUTHROLL@GMAIL.COM. The deadline will be 11:00 EDT so I can award the bids before the start of the following day.

Send email in the player order provided - include clear instruction of your 3 priority players (if you're using them). Be sure and include your FBG name. 

Example Email:

1. Davis 100
2. Curry 100 (1st PRIORITY)
3. Harden 5
4. James 6
5. Westbrook 10 (2nd PRIORITY)
6. Durant 15 (3rd PRIORITY)

You can prioritize up to three bids per day (optional). These bids will be processed first if an owner has multiple successful bids in a day.
Excluded prioritized bids, auctions will be processed in the order of the rankings, e.g. the player ranked #3 will be awarded before player #4. If an owner doesn't have enough funds available due to a player awarded earlier in the day's processing, the bid on the latter player would be invalid.

**If you want to void bids after winning a certain player or position, you must include those instructions.

Auction tiebreakers:
1. amount of money remaining in budget at the time the player is processed. More=better.
2. dice roll


Auction Schedule will be 8 Rounds for 72 players as follows (players taken from Yahoo pre-draft list minus dead Khris Middleton):

Day 1 bids by Mon 9/26 @11pm Eastern Time** 6 players:

1. K. Durant 

2. Steph Curry

3. J. Harden 

4. R. Westbrook  

5. A. Davis

6. K. Leonard

Day 2 bids by Tues 9/27 @11pm ET*: 6 players:

7. C. Paul

8. K-A Towns

9. J. Butler

10. P. George

11.  L. James

12.  D. Lillard

Day 3 bids by Wed 9/28 @11pm ET 10 players:

13. J. Wall

14. H. Whiteside

15. G. Antetokounmpo

16.  Dray. Green

17.  D. Cousins

18.  P. Millsap

19.  A. Horford

20.  K. Lowry

21.  K. Irving

22.  L. Aldridge

Day 4 bids by Thurs 9/29 @11pm ET 10 players:  

23. K. Thompson

24. C. Anthony

25. S. Ibaka

26. D. Favors

27. B. Griffin

28. K. Porzingis

29. E. Bledsoe

30. B. Lopez

31. K. Love

32. J. Valanciunas

Day 5 bids by Fri 9/30 @11pm ET 10 players:  

33. K. Walker

34. T. Harris

35. V. Oladipo

36. O. Porter

37. CJ McCollum

38. I. Thomas

39. D. Nowitzki

40. M. Conley

41. M. Gortat

42. J. Teague

Day 6 bids by Mon 10/3 @11pm ET 10 players:  

43. R. Rubio

44. R. Gay

45. R. Jackson

46. R. Rondo

47. N. Jokic

48. A. Wiggins

49. N. Vucevic

50. G. Dieng

51. S. Adams

52. P. Gasol

Day 7 bids by Tues 10/4 @11pm ET 10 players:  

53. G. Hayward

54. N. Noel

55.  T. Ariza

56. D. DeRozan

57. G. Hill

58. Jr. Holliday  E. Kanter

59. D. Schroder

60. G. Monroe

61. D. Gallinari

62. D. Collison

Day 8 bids by Wed 10/5 @11pm ET 10 players:  

63. M. Gasol

64. R. Gobert

65. Z. LaVine

66. J. Parker

67. M. Ellis

68. B. Knight

69. G. Dragic

70. D. Jordan

71. T. Young

72. A. Drummond

**I want to ensure everyone has had a chance to bid, so if for some reason we haven't had an email from everyone by Monday, we will wait an additional day.

*Subject to receiving all Monday bids as planned.

Draft to commence on Thurs 10/6.  

Roster rules: A team can come out of the auction with between zero and five players. Players awarded to a team that already has five players on the roster will have that bid voided.

Draft order: The draft will resume after the 72 players are auctioned. Draft order will be determined by the amount of funds remaining in a team's auction budget. Tie breaker for draft order will be by dice roll.

Compensation pick mini-draft. The draft will be halted temporarily after round #5 to allow teams that bought less than three players in the auction rounds to fill out a starting five. This will be a snake draft following the same order above. Every team will enter round #6 will between five and seven players. Teams with seven players after round #5 will give up their #6 and #7 rounders. Teams with six players will give up the #6 rounder. Everybody's rosters will have the same number of players beginning in round #8 (assuming no trades).
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In.  Not sure if I was bad at the auction draft or just had my first 4 players all got hurt (Davis, Knight, W. Chandler, and Tyreke Evans) 

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Yeah I'm in either way but would prefer a traditional draft. We could go reverse order in Rounds 2 and 3 if people are concerned about talent allocation being too top-heavy.
While I like the auction better, I don't think it matters nearly as much as past years for a multitude of reasons.


If we do auction I'd like to do tier based player pools to spread out the talent across each day.

Players are broken up into tiers of 12 (? or some other number) and then each draft day consists of a player or two from each tier. 

I'm Number One Six btw.

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Yeah I'm in either way but would prefer a traditional draft. We could go reverse order in Rounds 2 and 3 if people are concerned about talent allocation being too top-heavy.
Yeah, I'd like to do it again, but I didn't like the auction style at all :shrug:   Just didn't want to complain if that's what you all want to do again this time.  No big deal.

In, I'll do whatever. This exercise keeps me engaged in the product, even if my team will never be competitive (flukes aside).

I'm fine with auction or draft. Won't be around enough to pay auction-level attention until next Wednesday though, so if we get going really fast I would rather do a draft.


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