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NCFF Has One Opening (StartUp Dynasty) (1 Viewer)

NCFF Commish

I was informed today that one of our money coaches was stepping down. We need to fill his position before we can begin player acquisition.

  • Startup Dynasty League
  • We only use young NFL players, typically in their first 4 years of career (NFL rookies = NCFF Freshmen)
  • The league is designed to mimic the college football landscape, complete with recruiting, rivalries, bowl games.
  • Freshmen are recruited to rosters though an auction system.
  • For this season, we are having a start-up UpperClassman (Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores) serpentine draft.
  • Simple scoring system.
  • Easy to manage rosters.
  • Entry fee is $20, although you can upgrade to a Large Program ($50), which comes with some benefits, including some additional recruiting options. We use LeagueSafe.
NCFF Commish


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