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Ndukwe or Horton (1 Viewer)


My roster is locked for the rest of the season. I need either Ndukwe or Horton to play this weekend. Does anyone have any inclination which guy will play and if both, who will be more effective.


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As of yesterday's first weekly practice and press conferences, both are essentially on the same track -- practicing in limited fashion (Horton missed practice, but the Redskins rarely have their injured guys work on Wed) and both coaches said in their press conferences that they were likely to play (Horton seemed to get a stronger vote than Ndukwe).

If both play, Ndukwe is likely to have much better opportunity.

Redskins | Horton doubtful for Week 15

Fri, 12 Dec 2008 12:43:45 -0800

Ryan O'Halloran, of The Washington Times, reports Washington Redskins SS Chris Horton (shoulder) did not participate in practice Friday, Dec. 12. He is listed as doubtful for the team's Week 15 game and is not expected to play.


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