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NE-ARZ Game (1 Viewer)

I'm favoring Welker on short passes and also like Fitzgerald. He is from Minnesota and played at Pitt, so I think he should be fine. The bigger factor is how long he will play.

I think ARI WRs (Fitz, Breaston) can still have a good day just for the reason that ARI can't run the football and they will have plenty of opportunities. But I wouldn't start Warner, Cassel, or Moss.

I think I have to start Fitz, but I'm wondering if I should bench Moss for TJ. I'm guessing the NE passing game with be short stuff with the RB's and Welker with not to much deep stuff available for Moss, while TJ should be a lock for enough targets to make him a solid but probably unspectacular play.


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