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Need 1 for $100 ppr yahoo league draft 8/30 7pm cst Leaguesafe!! (1 Viewer)


11/12 have paid up. Just looking for 1 more to join and pay. Scoring rules are just like draftkings rules with bonuses at 100 for receiving and rushing and 300 with passing. Also a 5pt bonus for 40yd plus tds.
roster is 1QB 2RB 2 WR 2 Flex 1 TE 1K 1 DST.

Entry fee $100
Total $1200

Reg season payouts($175)

Most total reg season points $75
Div winners $50

Playoff payouts($1025)

$600 first
$275 second
$100 3rd
$50 4th

$1200 paid out!

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