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Need 1 owner 4 UNIQUE league none like it want Vikes fan (1 Viewer)


This is a very unique league. This league is made up of the players from the team they represent.

I prefer the fan of the team to be the owner. This team is made up of strictly Viking players. There is not draft, the players on the Vikings team are your team. I have made the schedule so it matches the actual NFL schedule as much as possible. There are 16 teams from the AFC North & East and the NFC North & East. Each team plays its division rival twice just as they do in the real NFL and I've adjusted it so they play on the same weeks. I've always wanted to know how my team match up each week fantasy wise as it does against its opponents each week. The league is called "if its in the game its in the game" because it the most like the real NFL more than any fantasy league out there.

One of the differences I've made is each team starts two QBs. The regular starter and their backup. Remeber a few years ago when Brady went down in the first series of the first game? Well what happened to the Fantasy team he was on? That team lost those points. Can you substitute during fantasy games...no. Well now you have your back up in the game so you don't miss out on points. I start two RBs.. same situation if the main RB goes down his back up is already in the game. The advantage too is those teams thaqt run RBBC. Now your handcuff in already in the game.

Ready for another twist? The Defense has 11 starters just like the real NFL. You have start 3 DL, 3 LB and 3 DB and you get two Flex DB/DL/LB so you can taylor your D like your team actually plays defense. Want to run a 4-3 Defense, you can do it. Want to run a 3-4 D, you can...imagine the possiblities..

This league makes watching your favorite team actually fun and more involved each week.

I'm in need of a Vikings team owner. You can contact me at mikew72714@cox.net for more info and an invite to the league. The league is on the Fleaflicker website and is free.


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