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Need 2-3 Replacements for $250 Standard - Redraft (1 Viewer)


Had 2 members who had schedule changes that do not allow them to make the draft on Tuesday night - and one that hasn't paid yet, and may also need replaced.  This league has been going for 10+ years...here is the details (we use CBS as host site):

League Size: 12 Owners

Draft Type: Online-Live Snake Draft (1-12,12-1, 1-12 etc.)

Draft Timer:  2 minutes per pick

Draft Date:  Sept 4, 2018 - 9pm eastern.

League Style: Annual Re-draft – Head-to-head (H2H) matchups

League Season:  League Regular season runs for 13 weeks = to the NFL weeks 1-13.  Playoffs will be held in NFL weeks 14-16

Annual Fees:  $250  

Standings: League Standings will be based upon the team’s overall record, followed by total points scored and then total points scored against in the event of an overall record tie.

Matchups: H2H matchup ties will be broken by total bench points scored that week. 

Roster Size: 16, 9 starters, 7 bench spots

Starting Lineup: 1 QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1 FLEX (RB/WR), 1 K, 1 D/ST

Scoring System: STANDARD (Non-ppr), decimal Scoring, Exact scoring system can be found in the League Details. Highlights are 6 pts for all TDs, 1 pt per 20 yds passing, 1 pt per 10 yds receiving/rushing, -2 for interceptions/fumbles lost, 3 pt field goals <40yds, 4 pt field goals <50 yds and 5 pts field goals >50 yards.  D/ST additional scoring is safeties = 2 pts, sacks = 1 pt, yards allowed <49 = 12 pts, <99 = 10 pts, <149 = 8 pts, <199 = 6 pts, <249 = 4 pts, <299 = 2 pts, total points allowed 0-6 = 8 pts, 7-13 = 6 pts, 14-20 = 4 pts, 21-27 = 2 pts

Waiver System: Waivers will process each week on Tuesday night at the time indicated on the CBS host site (currently ~2am EST).  Waiver order begins the season in the reverse draft order, and then is based upon who has the longest time since their last waiver move (aka, a waiver move takes you to the bottom of the order).  Dropped players go into waivers for 2 days, and then are processed in the same order as mentioned here.

Trades:  All trades will need to be reviewed by the commissioner for fairness and if collusion or lopsided trading is suspected, it will go to the remaining 11 teams for a vote to retain or reject the trade.  The trade deadline for each season will be the Wednesday at 11:59 EST prior to week 11 games.

Playoffs: Weeks 14-16, 6 team Playoff.

Top 2 finishers in the league according to the standings section above get a bye in week 14 and will be seeds 1 & 2.

Seeds 3-6 will also be determined according to the standings section of this document. 

Teams are not re-seeded during the playoffs and are dictated similar to a bracket style tournament.

Week 14 - Seed 3 will play seed 6 and seed 4 will play seed 5.  Winners advance to week 15 and the losers of this week are eliminated from the playoffs.

Week 15/16 – Seed 1 plays the winner of the Seed 4 vs. 5 game and Seed 2 plays the winner of the Seed 3 vs 6 game in week 15 and winners advance to play each other in week 16 for the championship and the losers will play each other for 3rd place in week 16.

We will also hold a toilet bowl for next year’s league theme/naming rights will be played with the remaining 6 teams seeded 7-12 exactly as the matchups above are arranged.  These teams that did not make the championship bracket will have their ability to perform player transactions turned off for the remainder of the season.

No Tanking Rule:

Each week, all teams MUST submit a complete roster, with their best players. If the league votes that a team is tanking (6 out of 12 teams (less commissioner) must agree) the following  will occur:

1st offense - warning and verbal spanking
2nd offense - team is removed from the league

In the case of a team simply not entering a full lineup to fill bye week players when their current roster has players able to fill the bye week holes, the commissioner can at their discretion, change the lineup (prior to the end of the Sunday 1pm games).  If this issue is not brought to the attention of the commissioner, nor do they see it themselves prior to the end of the 1pm games, the roster will stand as submitted by the team owner, with players on byes receiving a zero for that week. 
Stat Corrections:

Occasionally, the NFL will publish stat corrections that may affect the outcome of your fantasy game. ALL STAT CORRECTIONS WILL BE APPLIED TO THE LEAGUE.  It can be a week later, 4 weeks later, etc. ALL stat corrections will be applied and results/standings will be recalculated. 

Payouts: Total Collected = $250*10 = $2,500, less CBS site fee $150 (subject to change) = $2,350 for league payouts as follows:

Regular Season Point Champion (Weeks 1-13) = $250, 2nd =  $125, 3rd = $75 = $450 total paid

Championship Playoffs (Weeks 14-16) = $1,000, 2nd = $600, 3rd $300 = $1,920 total paid

 Payments will be mailed out after week 16 stats have their initial correction period end (Thursday at noon prior to week 17).

Lineup/Draft Assistance:  If for some reason you cannot submit your lineup or make your draft selections, you can email or call the commissioner to have them make the selection for you during the draft, or prior to game time for lineup decisions.  Any lineup emails that are time stamped after the start of games will not be accepted.

Disputes:  The rules “rule” in the event of a dispute.  In the event that the rules do not cover a particular dispute, the commissioner may ask the league members for a vote…and majority rules.  The parties to the dispute do not get a vote and the commissioner will only vote if there is a tie.  Votes are not final until at least 75% of the league votes.  All votes will be left open for 3 days (unless it impacts the current week lineups and then the voting period may be shortened)

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Goose7 said:
I saw your post looking for replacement league members.   I'm interested.  New to this forum, but have been playing fantasy football for over 10 years.  Let me know what you'd need.  Thanks! 



if there is still opening ,  WHEN is draft ?? Also You said ( starters But didn't include TE)  that is a Typo ?   Also is this with LEAGUE SAFE ?



Yes, draft tomorrow night at 9pm eastern (tuesday sep 4).  Yes, we have a TE, sorry for the typo...but they are not eligible for the flex...have never used leaguesafe for this league for 12ish years...you can see the league history and talk with other guys if it makes ya feel more comfortable...i just do it for the fun of the game!:)


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