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Need 2 for 16 team IDP dynasty (1 Viewer)


Hey guys. I am looking for two owners for a 16 team, IDP dynasty league in it's third year.


-Leaguesafe holds the funds.

-$50 entry. All funds paid back out (standard MFL league fees subtracted).

-45-man rosters

-ALL players held over from your roster (if you see them on the link, they are yours in 2013 and beyond).

-We draft one college devy player each year (not mandatory, up to each owner).

-Playoffs are all-play leading up to the title game (we have done away with awarding fake football teams meaningless byes, etc).

2013 site

Available team 1

--This team has the 3rd pick in each round of the rookie draft

Available team 2

--This team has the 4th pick in each round of the rookie draft

****Rules and bylaws****

If you are interested, please send me a PM. We are looking to fill the league right away and get ready for:

-Rookie draft in May

-Followed immediately by free agency auction

-*Note: In-season waivers are Blind Bid auction.



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