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Need 2 for Startup Dynasty League. Auction, $100 (1 Viewer)


Looking for 2 more to fill what will be a 12 man dynasty league. Its a brand new league.

Buy In & Payouts: $100.00 due bye start of week 1 regular season. RT SPORTS Site league fees are $89.95. After all that, $1,110 in prize payouts. Payouts will be,

1st--$600 2nd--$300 3rd--$110 

High Points in Regular Season: $100

Type of draft: First year auction draft. Get $300 Fake dollars to draft your roster. Every year after will just include rookie snake draft based on standings from previous year.

Draft: Draft is Online and is Sunday August 26th at 1pm Est.

The League: 20 man rosters with 2 IR spots.

It is a ppr league but,

RBs get 0.5 ppr

WRs get 1.0 ppr

TEs get 1.5 ppr

Waivers are Blind bidding, everything after the initial Waiver bidding becomes a free agent. 

If your interested or have any other questions can be emailed to Jt4ever9@gmail.com

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