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Need 3 Owners For First Year Dynasty League (1 Viewer)


Looking for 7 dedicated owners to fill a brand new Dynasty League for 2008. League is hosted on MyFantasyLeague.com and initial auction is hosted by FantasyAuctioneer.com. This is an IDP league with a salary cap and player contracts. Here are some of the other features:

- 4 team playoff / 8 team consolation bracket

- 30 player rosters with flexible offensive and defensive positions

- decimal scoring

- rookie draft lottery starting in 2009

- league auction set for Sunday, August 17 @ 5 pm ET

- $100 league dues

- prizes for 1st through 4th place and consolation champ

Here's the link to our homepage, so take a look and email me if interested at g0v99@yahoo.com. Thanks!


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