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Need 4 Owners from the PA, NJ, DE Area (1 Viewer)


Looking for New Owners to join a League that currently has 14 Teams. This League has existed for 6 years and we're looking to expand. The dues are $200 per team. We draft Live and In Person. The goal is to have 18 Teams. We play until Week 17.

Below is an example based off of last year where we had 16 Teams.

16 Teams - 20 Drafting Rounds

2 Divisions

Starting Line Up:

1 QB

2 RB

3 WR

1 TE

1 K

1 Def

8 Teams make the playoffs starting Week 14.

2012 Payouts

a) Super Bowl Winner = $1700
b) Runner Up = $650
c) Divisional Winners = $300

d) Wildcard #1 - 6 = $0

Scoring system is pretty standard and we don't do PPR.

Draft will be held in the Philadelphia Area on September 3, 2013

Currently owners are sending in payments and drafting positions are filling up. Positions 1 & 2 are taken already

If interested send an email to: jdboogy@hotmail.com


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