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need a little advice on starters (1 Viewer)


our league has odd scoring for defense but basically it works out to about:1pt solo, .5 asst, and 8 pts for a sack/int/td return...no points for passes defended, fumbles etc.We start 3 DL, 3 LB's, 3 DB's and you must have at least one of each position (IE DT and DE, ILB, OLB, S and CB) So i can't play 3 DE's or 3 ILB one would need to be a DT, or OLB.ok now the guys to choose from...which 2 DE's would you start from these 3...John Abraham, Robert Mathis, Aaron Schobel, Grant Wistrom? I am leaning towards Scobel and Mathis at this point but Abraham is running close 3rd...thoughts?At LB I need to choose between odell Thurman and Eric BartonAt DB which Safety should I choose between Schwiegert, bryan Scott, Thomas Davis,?At CB which should I go with Charels Tillman, Terrance Mcgee, Tory James

I would start Schobel and Mathis. Schobel is consistent with tackles and sacks. Mathis has big-play potential with sacks. Abraham doesn't look to be in game shape yet.

Thurman for your LB---he looks to be everywhere near the ball.

Bryan Scott-solid safety. Davis has had some problems at safety.

Tillman is the best fantasy corner out of the three, with lots of tackles and INTs.

Please answer mine:


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