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Need devy help!!! (1 Viewer)


So I just took over an orphen in a league. It is a 12 man, 30 man roster, superflex (two QB), TE premium league. The devy draft is six rounds, any college player draftable including incoming freshman of upcoming new season. We then have 3 rounds of rookies, obviously very depleated. My team is much older and I need young players. My question is, what are players like Aaron Rodgers (remember superflex), A.J. Green, Antonio Gates, and Alshon Jeffery worth when it comes to devy players and draft picks. How do you compare someone who is great, gets you good points, and you know well (even if only for a few more years) compare to someone who may not make the nfl??? Looking for help and thanks in advance for any advice and tips. 



You keep Rodgers and Green, Gates is worthless and Jeffrey is probably worth a 4th or 5th round pick.



Don't fall into the trap of needing to only go young.  In order to compete you need a mix of youth and veterans and usually there are a couple teams that move useful veterans for cheap that can help you stay in contention.  Devy player draft is a crap shoot.  It's nice when it hits and makes your life easier but it generally is a dart throw.  Too many things can happen throughout college that change values quickly.  I wouldn't worry about needing to go devy heavy and focus on making your team well rounded with some youth and veteran players.

As beerbuff mentioned keep Rodgers (unless you can get a top end return)  because he has a lot of value in superflex leagues.  Green will be hard to move especially with surgery on the horizon so he is worth more to keep than anything you could get in return.  Drop Gates he has zero value.  Jeffery probably wouldn't yield much on the open market and is actually the type of player I like to target for cheap because you can usually get him for nothing from an overzealous owner trying to hoard draft picks.


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