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Need Fantasy Baseball Advice (1 Viewer)


This is only my second year playing fantasy baseball and I'm not super knowledgable regarding the sport of baseball. I am, however, a competitive and active manager and I'm doing my best to win with my team. No matter my approach, it seems, my team has been in a free fall for about a month. Can somebody offer me some advice on what players I should look to move or some lineup advice? Thanks.

(Weekly Head-Head 12 Category League)

My Roster:

C: Wilin Rosario

1B: Joey Votto

2B: Ian Kinsler

3B: Kyle Seager

SS: Jimmy Rollins

OF: Justin Upton

OF: Giancario Stanton

OF: Alex Gordon

Util: Adam LaRoche

BN: Jurickson Profar

BN: Coco Crisp

BN: Marco Scutaro

SP: Matt Harvey

SP: Jordan Zimmerman

SP: Madison Bumgarner

RP: Sergio Romo

RP: Andrew Bailey

P: Tom Wilhelmsen

P: Johnny Cueto

BN: Doug Fister

BN: Jason Hammel

BN: Tim Lincecum

Drop Lincecum and Scutaro. Add two pitchers. Obviously, I cannot mention specific starting pitchers because I do not know who is on your league's free agent wire.


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