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need help picking idp for playoffs (1 Viewer)


2nd year yahoo dynasty, and made it to the semi's in our leaguebut now i need help picking players for week 15 i need to pick six (my picks are the top 6)adavis vs oakmlewis vs stllarringt vs daltkiel vs indi (hopefully we'll see the kiel of old)nclements vs dendmorgan vs no (is he still hurt?)smerrim vs indiewarfield vs nygaayodel vs sfscoring:Tackle Solo (1)Sack (2)Interception (2)Fumble Recovery (2)Touchdown (6)Safety (5) i appreciate ur advicebtw, here are some other choices:leroy hill vs. tennchaggans vs. minn

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You have some pretty tough matchups this week. I would go with the following guys:Michael Lewis: He should be a definite as his matchup against the Rams is a great one.Andra Davis: Probably the most consistent of the players listedDan Morgan: As long as he isn't injured this week, he is always good for at least 5 tackles a game.

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