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Need info on doing a professional video montage for a Memorial. Especially pricing. (1 Viewer)

Rodrigo Duterte

I am mostly curious about costs because I have no idea what is typical.  Quote will be forthcoming tonight and since we don't plan on getting multiple quotes -- want to use this person -- I want to just make sure it's not out of control.  Not concerned about quality as the referral came from a friend who is a long-time Hollywood video producer.  He does not have time for this and would cost a ton anyway.

I realize you can do these things yourself these days but we'd rather not mess with that.  And I'm sure there'd be lots of issues/mistakes.

So, any ideas on cost range or any tips on how to do this right would be much appreciated.  She said she can have it done by the end of this weekend so I'm guessing about two days of work here.  I have received over 400 pictures already which is nuts.  Need to pare that way down.  I assume these things are often too long.

ETA, went with the referral, sharp girl that I was impressed with after talking to her.  $400 + some rental equipment (screen and stuff).  No-brainer.  Thought it would be much more than that, I'm happy.

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