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need keeper advice (1 Viewer)


.5 ppr, have to pick three out of hopkins, aj green, hilton and ajayi.  I have pick 7 in the draft out of 10. 

Not knowing if there are any round association and who you think the other keeps are I would probably lean toward the way you have them ranked unless you think there will be a rb scarcity, in which case Ajayi over Hilton may make sense.

everyone keeps three.  the draft essentially starts in the 4th round, with the first three rounds being everyone's keepers

I'd say keep them how you have them listed because you could possibly get Ajayi in the 4th round anyway. All the others wouldn't last past the 3rd.

with no penalty to keep players then keep the best three players.  That would be the WR's at this point.


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