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Need Keeper & Draft Strategy help PPR League (1 Viewer)


Off - 1pt/25y Pass, 1pt/10y Ru/Rec, 1pt per Rec, All TDs = 6pts
Def - 1pt/Tck, 0.5pts - AsstTkl,Pass Def, 2pt - Sack/FFum/FumRec/Int

QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, K, 4 DL, 3 LB, 4 DB

Keep 4 Offense, 4 Defense.

Drafting last in each round (Standard Draft) - 10 team league

My team:
QB - Smith, Bortles, Watson, Keenum
RB - Ayaji, Burkhead, C.J Anderson, Perrine, Jamal Williams
WR - Brown, Diggs, Hill, M.Wallace, K.Cole, Garcon, M.Goodwin
TE - Ebron
K - Butler

LB - Wagner, Kendricks, D.Davis, V.Williams
DL - C.Wake, G.Atkins, M.Addison, L.Williams, D.Buckner
DB - R.Jones, B.Baker, K.Byard, S.Davis

My leans:
Offense - Ayaji, Brown, Hill, Diggs

The reasoning here is pretty straight forward. I have a decent corps of WR and sweet FA at running back, Ayaji is the only half reasonable back in that lot.Given that I need to start 3WR as opposed to 2RB means that having a set of WR to fulfil that requirement straight up is a plus. I did look at the QBs however I am not sold on Bortles despite him winning a championship for me last season, Smith and Keenum have moved to new teams and not the best situations. Watson is the big question mark with such a small sample size to work with from last season and we don't know how well he has recovered from injury. It would be a huge risk/reward pick to keep him instead of Ayaji.

Defense - Wagner, Jones, Kendricks, Buckner

This is a bit more complicated. I have more depth at LB than any other defensive position from a talent perspective IMO but LB's have the fewest starting slots per week. Wagner appears to be a no brainer, and Kendricks is solid. The reason I have sided with Jones and Bukner so far is because of starting requirements. Jones was one of the top DB's last season fantasy wise however. I plan to stream my defense as I have in previous seasons but don't really want to make wholesale changes each week

Draft Strategy

Given this is a straight draft and will be picking last each round, I figure my first pick would have to be a RB unless someone can talk me into grabbing a top QB or other player early on and go down the path of Zero RB strategy. To be honest I don't know a hell of a lot about this strategy and I'm not totally sold on it. With my strength in WRs I figure I would need to balance that out with at least one more decent back behind Ayaji and then take the VBD approach

Your thoughts and inputs are welcomed and I WHIR


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