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Need managers for the ultimate fantasy baseball experience (1 Viewer)


Hello everyone,

We need some new owners to join us on Mendoza baseball. As we do every year.

It's the most fun and complete fantasy league I ever joined, by far. All sports included.

I play in 5 leagues in there since 2017.

It's more complex than a regular league so at the beginning there is a learning curve.

But it's well worth it !

We manage a full 40 man roster + some minor leaguers.

Every day, you field a team of 25 players and you need to fill every position. Then based on what happens in the real MLB that day your team win or lose.

Everything counts, pitching, hitting, defense, etc.

The only thing we don't factor is RBI and RUNS since those are linked to the real team (let's say HOU with Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, Yuli Gurriel, etc) instead of your fictional team (that is made with players from various teams).

We count RBI's and Runs based on a formula on how many runs your team would have scored. (your fictional team with Jose Altuve at 2B, Josh Donaldson at 3B, Josh Bell at 1B, Javier Baez at SS, etc).

And then how much runs would have been scored against your pitching by your opponent based on the number of hits your pitchers allowed.

So you need to have a good overall efficient team. Instead of just accumulating stats like we usually do in fantasy (HR, SB, AVG, RBI, Runs).

Stolen bases for instance have huge value in fantasy baseball just because it's a category that we count.

You would likely take a SB over a double or a triple (that just count as a hit).

But in real life hitting a double always have more value than a SB right ?

Also having good fantasy contributor that is bad defensively will hurt you a bit more. In fantasy we don't care about defense.

We also manage a real payroll. But with everything in 1$ instead of millions.

So if your payroll has 200$ million of expenses (like the Dodgers or the Yankees) it will cost you 200$ of real cash to field that team instead of 200 millions !

And if you are more into the Rays or A's type of roster building it will cost you around 80$ instead of 80 million.

So it's a money league, but not in the sense that you think.

The money you win with your team during the season is redistributed at the end of year based on your total wins.

So if you want to play moneyball with a roster at 80$, you can be very profitable if your team is good. You will most likely get your 80$ back, and then some.

So you won't lose any real money in the end.

There is a bit more risk to lose money if you have a high payroll in the 200's and if your team is not very good.

You might only get back 125$ or 150$ so you can lose a little bit. But it's the risk to try to win a championship.

Some managers play to win championships. Some managers try to be money efficient.

It's a different experience, but it feels so much more like the real baseball game compared to Yahoo or ESPN games.

Or compared to the stupid daily fantasy thing which is just a roll of dice...

We don't play on Yahoo or ESPN or anything like that. We have our own platform.

If you want to know more please let me know by email. max_gravel@hotmail.com

Kind regards,


Man im actually intrigued enough ti see if this is a scam or not 

Also feels like an editor got ahold of a @Studs & Duds description of this league and did his best to clean it up

“Every day, you field a team of 25 players and you need to fill every position. Then based on what happens in the real MLB that day your team win or lose.”

the ultimate baseball experience would include speed and road groupies.  



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