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Need Managers to fill a 12 Team League, full pt ppr $150 buy-in via Yahoo private cash league (1 Viewer)


*New league, experienced commish*
Need 9 teams to fill, H2H
$150 buy in, via Yahoo private cash league
Draft date/time- September 4th @ 3pm cst


12 team league // Full pt PPR // 1QB 2RB 2WR 2Flex (RB/WR/TE) K DEF 6Bench 2IR // 4pt passing tds, 6pt rushing/receiving tds // Pass yds= 25 yds pt, 2 pts @ 300 yds, 3 pts at 400 yds // Rush/Rec yds= 10 yds pt, 2 pts at 100 yds, 3 pts at 200 yds // 6 team playoff weeks 15, 16, 17

1st- $1200, 2nd- $450, 3rd- $150
Please dm/reply if interested
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