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NEED ONE OWNER | 10 Team KEEPER LG | DRAFT Tue 4th | ESPN | PPR | $70 | Weekly Prizes (1 Viewer)


NEED ONE OWNER to replace a departing member in a KEEPER league that has been running strong with the same owners for 9 years. 

Draft Tuesday 9/4 @ 8PM ET

Entry Fee: $70

Email for Invite:  withyweb@gmail.com

League Page:  http://games.espn.com/ffl/leagueoffice?leagueId=294065

League Website:  http://withyweb.weebly.com/

Looking for a league where you’ve got something to play for in addition to the playoffs?  $20 in weekly prizes are awarded from weeks 1-13. $10 for the winner of the week’s contest, plus another $10 to the team with most fantasy points scored.  Unique playoff rules also give teams in the consolation ladder something to play for.

Weekly Prizes, $10
Wk 1 - WR MVP: Most points from a starting WR
Wk 2 - RB MVP: Most points from a starting RB
Wk 3 - QB MVP: Most points from a starting QB
Wk 4 - D/ST MVP: Most points from a starting D/ST
Wk 5 - Hot Start: Team with the best record after 5 weeks (tiebreaker is total points)
Wk 6 - Biggest Loser: Most team points in a losing effort
Wk 7 - Halftime Bonus: Team with Most points accumulated after 7 weeks
Wk 8 - Biggest Blowout: Team with the Largest Margin of Victory
Wk 9 - Underdog: Fewest team points in a winning effort
Wk 10 - Bench Warmer: Most fantasy points from your Bench
Wk 11 - Photo Finish: Team with the Narrowest Margin of Victory
Wk 12 - Coach of the Year: Team with Biggest improvement from 1st half of season (Largest points differential between Weeks 7-12 vs 1-6)
Wk 13 - Over Achiever: Team with Most points accumulated during Regular Season

Monster Score of the Week, $10
During Weeks 1 thru 13, prize money will be awarded from the league's pot to the Team with the Highest total score each week

Post-Season Awards
(amounts reflect remaining money from league's pot that will be awarded after weekly prizes)
League Champion = $200
2nd place finish = $100
3rd place finish = $70
5th place finish = 2nd choice of 2019 Draft position 
Winner Consolation Ladder (Toilet Bowl) = $20 & 1st choice of 2019 Draft position
Most Points Scored Regular Season = $50

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