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Need one owner for $50 MFL PPR Draft at 6:15pm (Est) (1 Viewer)


I appreciate the responses to my $30 inquiry last night. I got several responses and actually had a second last minute no-show, so I got two owners at the last minute. My buddy's league is drafting tonight and we have a 12-Team league and he's looking to expand to 14 or 16. We have one more owner, and need either 1 or 3.
It is PPR with 10 yds/1pt Rushing-Receiving and 20 yds/1pt Passing. We also have payoffs for a Confidence Pool and a Knockout Pool. I am at work with a firewall and can't cut and paste all of the scoring, but here is the site link:


If you are interested, please send an email to PG019@aol.com


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