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I've been running this league for 20+ year with the majority of the original owners for years. Nevertheless, one of the older vets is stepping away from FFL and regrettably didn't give us much notice.

Therefore I need one excellent and fun coach.

Draft is set for Sept 1st at 6 pm - located in Central, NJ (off exit 117 on the gsp) - however, you can draft via online if you can not make the live draft in person.

Entry Fee $150.00 (1st 900, 2nd 375 3rd 225)

17 roster spots, starters (1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 PK, 1 DEF)

10 Teams (H2H) - playoff system, top 4 teams make the playoffs, playoffs run week 15 and 16

Notes / Pointers: high performance standard scoring system. The longer the TD the more pts the player earns. DEF and K are definitely weighted higher the most other leagues.

Therefore, don't be surprised if coaches take a DEF takes early.

We do have a rookie rule, basically if you draft and retain a rookie on your roster the entire year (can not cut or trade) you have the option to retain that rookie in the round previously drafted in. Only one rookie can be kept. I think only one rookie

A list of possibly holdovers are on the website. I'll add your email and send you an invite to join shortly.
I'll supply a copy of the rules, league website link, and possible rookie holders if your interested in joining.

Entry Fee $150.00

Please post your info on here or contact me at ncmikp@aol.com. However, post on here if you do email so I'll be sure not to miss your email.

Furthermore, if you need one for your draft, I might be interested in joining as long as the format is similar enough.

Thanks and happy drafting,

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Hey! How long does the draft usually take? I have another live draft at 10 pm on Saturday in Matawan. 


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