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Need one replacement owner ASAP for 12 Player Keeper League, Auction Draft TONIGHT 9pm EST - INCENTIVES for new owner (1 Viewer)


Need team replacement asap for auction draft tonight at 9pm EST. This is a 12 keeper player league on Yahoo, has been very competitive and running 7+ years

Personally I don't think the team is that bad, I've seen much worse but I don't want to cancel a 7 year keeper league cause I'm missing one team and draft is in 90 minutes, so am prepared to offer

the following incentives for the new owner, 3 options, choose one that works best for you.

1- 40% off entry fee, everyone else paid $100, you pay $60. This will not effect the end of season payout, we will still have $1,200 going out to winners.

2- Select one keeper from all unkept players, this without a doubt would balance things out, one example is Austin Eckler, you can keep for $28 which is 10% of your budget

3- Select one keeper from your roster and keep him free of charge, this will give you a budget edge at the draft.


Derek Carr (LV - QB)     -
Cooper Kupp (LAR - WR)     29
Michael Gallup (Dal - WR)     8
Cole Beasley (Buf - WR)     -
Devonta Freeman (Atl - RB)     39
Duke Johnson (Hou - RB)     28
Darren Fells (Hou - TE)     -
Tarik Cohen (Chi - RB)     16
Jared Cook (NO - TE)     9
Jordan Howard (Mia - RB)     13
Jared Goff (LAR - QB)     6
Kalen Ballage (Mia - RB)     11
Wil Lutz (NO - K)     3
Harrison Butker (KC - K)     5
Los Angeles (LAR - DEF)     6
Baltimore (Bal - DEF)     4
Calvin Ridley (Atl - WR)     24


Keep up to 3 players, cost is usually + $5 - $10 to keep, budget is $280. Players without a price are $10 to keep. Standard scoring, full payouts. 


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