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Need Opinions on Trade Offer for my Bell (1 Viewer)


Was offered Kenyon Dake straight up for Bell, Thoughts?

10 Team PPR

A. Rodgers; A. Luck

*L. Bell; L. Miller; M Ingram (S); T. Coleman; C. Thompson; J. White, *J. Conner

K. Allen; L. Fitzgerald; J. Landry; J. Crowder; 

R. Gronkowski


H. Butker

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This is tough. If you like headaches throughout the season then hang onto Bell and see what happens and roll with Connor. If you want to free you mind then pull the trigger on this trade and unload Bell and get a quality RB in Drake and move on. Maybe Bell returns in Week #2 and maybe he returns in Week #11, who knows. If it was up to me I'd rather have the guy I can rely on each week and that is Drake so I'd make the trade even though Bell is the better player, but is Bell the better player if he is sitting on his couch and scoring zero points? I say make the trade and get rid of the headache. Then try to trade Conner as well once he racks up a ton of yards in week one.


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