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Need owners for $100 draft Aug.6 at Iconfantasysports.com! (1 Viewer)


Hey guys!

I am playing in a $100 fantasy football league on Tuesday August, 6th on http://iconfantasysports.com/

This is a 12 team league and the payouts are: 1st $600 2nd $300 3rd $100

This draft will be reviewed and talked about on my radio show (8/7/2013),
so this is your chance to get featured live on the air!

I really love this site; the guys at iCon are doing some innovative stuff.

Here is some information about the "Legends League":
Draft Date: 8/6/2013 @ 9 pm, EASTERN
Live Draft - 2 minutes per pick
Draft Order is randomized
League Name: SBFFC Radio Show
Hosting Site: http://iconfantasysports.com/
12 team PPR league
Trades are enabled
Play for: $99.95

Rules are in the league and in the forums on the site!

To get your team:

  1. Make a free account on the host site http://iconfantasysports.com/http://iconfantasysports.com/
  2. After you login, go here: http://iconfantasysports.com/leagues/tmordering.php?sport=football&ctype=F3
The League is called "Legend - SBFFC Radio Show - Trades Enabled"

If you need any help, email me back at brian.harwood@twc.com today!

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