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Need owners for $60 NFL.com PERFECT CHALLENGE fantasy "pick e (1 Viewer)


HFS PERFECT CHALLENGE 2012 league---$60 buy in, starts Week 5 of season!

I am starting up the HFS PERFECT CHALLENGE, where the object of the game is

to pick the PERFECT, the BEST, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Kicker and DEFENSE/SPECIAL

TEAMS each week. No draft, no salary cap required and you can pick your

players as many weeks as you want to but you must submit a new lineup each


NFL.com standard scoring applies but NO POINT-PER RECEPTION. This is a non-PPR


LeagueSafe.com will be the treasurer of this contest.

Goal is to get 15 paid entrants for this contest, and then we will have $900 in payouts.

$30 will go to each week's high point weekly winner, $60 goes to HIGHEST

weekly point winner

$270 will go to 1st place...$120 to 2nd place,...$60 to 3rd place.

If interested in joining the HFS PERFECT CHALLENGE...email brian.harwood@insightbb.com

today and I will send the invite!


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