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Need owners for $75 ESPN 1st year dynasty EMPIRE auction on 9/1, (1 Viewer)


Need owners for $75 ESPN first-year dynasty empire league AUCTION on Saturday, Sept. 1 at 10 pm ET (after WKU game)..

12 owners in the league...100% payout ---LeagueSafe.com will be avenue of payment.

PPR, $200 salary cap, Start 9 players, bench 7...Keep 10 players at their value for next year's EMPIRE AUCTION. Next year's auction will be $200 minus keeper values.

$900 total payouts...$600 paid to this years winners, $300 to EMPIRE POT....

1st person to win EMPIRE POT two years in a row ($300 each year donated), wins the entire empire pot!

Email brian.harwood@insightbb.com to enter league today!


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